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N_C 05-18-04 08:01 PM

Was up in my attic storing some things away. Part of the attic floor is missing because of a project I did up there a while back, just never replaced it yet. While I was walking across the floor I stepped into an area where the floor is missing. And you guessed it my foot went right through the insulation & through the plaster & lath ceiling leaving a nice size hole. i wasn't injured just my foot went through up to my ankle & my other foot was on the solid floor of the attic. So I literally stepped in & all the way through it.

So now I have to get some stuff called dura-bond & patch the hole. Oh how fun.

Ok so now you can hit me with the jokes about this little mishap of mine! Come on, bring em' on! Also share any visuals you have of this.

pitboss 05-18-04 08:07 PM

When I was roofing here in Chicago (back in 89), our foreman disappeared from the roof: he fell completely through it (damn slumlords) and landed on a coffee table. Broke the table and one of his ankles. The lady who lived there was watching tv when it happened. She thought she was being robbed and called the cops. 20 mintutes later, they showed.
Glad you are okay, but man, you should really throw down some plywood. You could have given yourself a crotchectomy...

NZLcyclist 05-18-04 08:07 PM

when my Mum and Dad were going out, my mum was working behind the counter at a service station. My dad is a electrician, and next thing this boot comes through the ceiling and mum started giggling haha boss thought she was nuts.

Gurgus 05-19-04 01:53 AM

Fell off a scafold once.....landed in a pile of junk while taping a garage in highschool, working for my dad. Funny thing is, that cured me of my fear of heights.

iamlucky13 05-19-04 10:37 AM

Was tearing apart (and recycling) an old mobile home once. Me and another guy were up on the roof tearing off shingles that had been put on once the trailer found it's current position. I hear the other guy muttering something about how the roof isn't really safe and I should be gentle when suddenly, POP!

Next thing I know, both of us are about 8 feet lower than we had been a second before, on the now-broken roof, STILL STANDING! First words out of my mouth were something like, "that was quite a ride!" I can't repeat his first words, but he didn't enjoy it as much as I did. Turns out this roof was basically being held up by the ends of a few rusted nails and the shingles we had been tearing off. That was one of the best rushes of my life, even though it only lasted half a second.

townandcountry 05-19-04 11:48 AM

Hey, N_C. You didn't post this on that other forum, did you? Please tell me you didn't. You know what would happen. Just looking out for a friend.

Ebbtide 05-19-04 12:34 PM

Get the durabond 45, unless you are fast.

N_C 05-19-04 12:57 PM

Thanks ehenz, I'll do that.

Raiyn 05-19-04 01:34 PM

Click here Couldn't resist.

Trek Rider 05-21-04 09:55 PM

You better get it repaired quickly before you sell your house. When you repair it, take your time at it so the repair will be as invisible as possible.

aliensporebomb 05-22-04 07:47 PM

Mike Keneally (the musician at had a similar incident.

There used to be a little song at the site you could download that had the lyrics as follows,
sung in a faux renaissance male vocal style:

"It was from above,
That the foot came thru.
Crashing through the roof,
Came a giant shoe."

For some reason this post reminded me of that song.

It can be heard in realaudio form at:

Scroll to almost the bottom and click on the link that says "foot".

this_is_me 05-22-04 09:34 PM

Blonde, perhaps?

Tina pulls over at the gas station, gets out of her car, opens the hood, and checks the engine oil. After a few seconds of intelligent thinking, she takes the dipstick in her hand and, raising her chest high, walks up to the attendant.

"Excuse me sir, but can I buy a longer dipstick?"

"May I ask why you need a longer one ma'am?"

"Because this one isn't long enough to reach the oil!"

JasBike 05-22-04 10:51 PM

Dad was cutting a falling tree limb down once, and he was up on the ladder a good 20 feet up with the chainsaw. The ladder collasped, he fell down, rolled back holding the chainsaw. He didn't get so much as a scratch. 0_0

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