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kidonabike 04-16-09 08:25 PM

Oversea cell phone?
Hi guys, I have a quick question which I can't seem to get answered and thought I would tap the bottomless well of knowledge that is foo.

I got a phone from a friend recently and was wondering if I could use it here in the US. The thing is the phone is a Sharp Docomo SH-03A from Japan.

heres a link (no I did not buy it for that much)

It runs on 900/1800/1900 GSM network and I use AT&T. I think AT&T uses 850/1900 in the US so I was wondering if voice and text will work with this phone?


CbadRider 04-16-09 09:04 PM

If you want to use it as your phone, just call ATT and ask them. They can tell you if it's compatible with their network or not.

free_pizza 04-16-09 09:06 PM

Docomo is a service provider in japan, not part of the model name, unless its made specifically for that provider?

redtires 04-16-09 09:44 PM

You've got the phone? Just slap your sim card in and try it.

kidonabike 04-16-09 09:56 PM

Well I called AT&T and their answer was basically that it will most likely work, for voice atleast. Just wondering if anyone else here has tried this at all.

free_pizza: yeah Docomo is a service provider, not part of the name sorry. Company name is Sharp.

redtires: the phone isn't unlocked so I can't use it yet. I have a hypersim on the way but it wont be here till next week.

vtjim 04-17-09 06:46 AM

Just beware of roaming rates. I keep data roaming turned off on my iPhone. Normal use outside America adds up to thousands of dollars in a really short timespan. :eek: I'm sure it's probably the same for foreign phones in America. I find free WiFi if I want data.

Boudicca 04-17-09 07:11 AM

You may be able to take out the SIM card on the phone and buy a US SIM card from someone like AT&T or Deutsche Telecom. They you use the Japanese phone, but get the U.S. roaming plans. A friend did that with a bought-in-Dubai phone in Canada, using one of the providers that use the global system as opposed to the U.S. one. But last I heard Japan used a different cellphone system again, so that may not be an option.

giantcfr1 04-17-09 08:02 AM

For that phone to work you would have to go on a DoCoMo plan. It would be locked to DoCoMo's system. I have to ask the question, how does that company sell DoCoMo phones. There is something very very fishy there.

giantcfr1 04-17-09 08:08 AM

Some info here about the phone....Just email them and they'll fill you in. ;)

giantcfr1 04-17-09 08:10 AM

Oh and some more about charges and procedures whilst outside Japan.

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