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Tinuz 04-17-09 09:12 AM

Salsa and other rhythmical food...
For some time now, I have been taking Salsa classes, unfortunately, the classes are coming to an end and the intermediate course (which is offered over the summer) looks insanely difficult (and it seems to include more 'salsa-snobs' ;) ).

I think I'll take it anyway, it's only for fun, right?

The funny thing with it all is that my level seems to fluctuate strongly based on my partner (and how tired I am). With some girls, it's really easy to dance, and with others it's kind of difficult. I guess I need some more practice. :)

So, Foo, do you dance?

jsharr 04-17-09 09:34 AM


trsidn 04-17-09 09:43 AM

not if I can help it

Shifty 04-18-09 07:02 PM

I love to dance. The last few years it's mostly been kind of free form to electronic music. There is a place in town who has a weekly laptop music night, and some great techno music is brought in by computer geeks with a great ear.

I like to watch salsa, when done right it's beautiful and sexy.

jyossarian 04-18-09 07:08 PM

Your level will get more consistent as you become a better lead. So practice lots and enjoy!

USAZorro 04-18-09 07:24 PM

Lemon meringue?

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