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Bryan T 06-01-04 11:30 AM

Any Todd Rundgren fans?
Went to the Nashville show last night, "Liars" tour.

Been a huge fan since the mid-seventies, but only
since '89 has he shown up anywhere in the southeast.

Still stoked from last night's show, like a big shot of good medicine.

randya 06-03-04 03:11 PM

I don't follow Todd Rundgren that closely anymore, but the first two Nazz albums are great, a nice blend of ballads, pop songs and hard rock. Not sure if they're available on disc, tho. My well-loved original copy of Nazz Nazz is pressed on red vinyl. :)

Here's a good web resource:

SteveE 06-03-04 04:19 PM

Not really a Todd Rundgren fan but I, too, have Nazz Nazz on red vinyl.

lsits 06-03-04 05:18 PM

Not a huge fan, but I used to have Something/Anything, Hermit of Mink Hollow, and The Road to Utopia on vinyl. Great music! I'm not sure if I still have them. I don't have a turntable that works anymore. I'll have to see about getting some CDs.

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