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claire 06-03-04 12:07 PM

I'm moving to Edinburgh in september!!!
I just accepted a 2-years job in Edinburgh starting in september. No more riding in the snow by -20 in the winter... Woohoo!! I've lived in Edinburgh for a few months 6 years ago and I loved the place. I can't wait to go ride my bike in Scotland! I'm sure it will be more exciting than riding around Toronto on straight and flat roads. By the way, if anyone has a touring club to recommend, that would be cool... I'm happy to go back to Europe, but there are many good things about Canada that I will miss... But after 5 years in Toronto, I'm ready for a change!

timmhaan 06-03-04 12:32 PM

i hope you like wind.

claire 06-03-04 12:37 PM


Originally Posted by timmhaan
i hope you like wind.

Aaahh, the wind... Yeah, wind blows, but it's better than snow...

JohnnyTheFox 06-04-04 11:35 AM

Sure you'll enjoy biking in scotland. Just get used to permenantly going up and down hills and get some good rain tires :) Theres a v good MTB trail outside a place called Peebles near Edinburgh if thats your thing...

Joat 06-04-04 11:42 AM

Totally jealous!

My wife and I just got back from the Peterhead area for 10 days. Unfortunately we were not able to bike while we were there, but I would love to bike there. And live there.

smeghead 06-06-04 07:44 PM

I remember spending the best new years ever in edinburgh. ahhh the scots, they know how to party. :beer:

Hants Commuter 06-11-04 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by claire
I just accepted a 2-years job in Edinburgh starting in september:beer:

Ahh The best part of Edinburgh... The Glasgow Train

Of course being a born Glaswegian doesn't make me biased in the slightest ;). Have a nice time in Edinburgh

chewa 06-11-04 07:51 AM

The CTC have local associations here, and Edinburgh Bike Co-op do organised rides (centuries). There are a few road clubs about too.

I commute to Edinburgh from Fife everyday and while Edinburgh itself isn't a cyclists paradise (too much traffic and it is hilly), there are good cycle links outwith.

Pity you are going to miss the naked cycle ride tomorrow! No, I won't be taking part. :)

stega 06-12-04 02:02 AM

I am green with envy!
I found this shop quite a while ago. Nice folks.

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