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Rev.Chuck 06-04-04 09:35 PM

scale models
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At the request of RacerX here are some models my wife and I have built. Please post your own.

First the MadMax style car:

Rev.Chuck 06-04-04 09:38 PM

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More interceptor:

Rev.Chuck 06-04-04 09:39 PM

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and more:

Rev.Chuck 06-04-04 09:41 PM

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Thsi one we both built, I channeled it and did the body work, Ashleigh did the paint(Which the pictures do not do justice)

Rev.Chuck 06-04-04 09:41 PM

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two more:

Rev.Chuck 06-04-04 09:44 PM

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And the BootHill Express, Ashleigh did this one:

Rev.Chuck 06-04-04 09:46 PM

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And one more picture:

RacerX 06-05-04 12:32 AM

what scale are those? Really, really nice. I wish you had some clearer detail shots and beauty shots. The pics are kinda grainy..the interceptor pics are the clearest

randya 06-05-04 12:36 AM

I dunno the pix look OK to me...nice!!! I use to do that once upon a time, I just ZooBomb... ;) :D

Rev.Chuck 06-05-04 07:54 AM

I think I was getting to close in some shots.Neither of our cameras has a macro, so to get real close ups I have to use my SRL and get the film transfered to disk.

As for Zoobombing, Sounds like fun but I lack the big hill, the zoo, and the mass transit. :)

RacerX 06-05-04 05:59 PM

The fact you channeled the body on that ford is pretty damn impressive. The bodywork looks really smooth.

Stacey 06-05-04 06:55 PM

Dumb question... WTF is Zoo Bombing?

Rev.Chuck 06-05-04 08:18 PM

First you need to move to Portland, then get some transit tokens,...

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