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BurlySurly 06-09-04 06:34 PM

The disease thread...
Everyone post your favorite disease:

Mine is Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. I got bit by a tick at a dirtbike race in TN about 5 or 6 years ago and had to spend alot of time in the hospital. It was the most intense pain Ive ever felt. Even my fingernails hurt.

How bout you guys? Lupus? Shingles? Whatcha got?

Fugazi Dave 06-09-04 07:34 PM

My favorites so far have been whooping cough and tracheitis.

J-McKech 06-09-04 07:35 PM

I had chicken pox

geneman 06-09-04 07:41 PM

bacterial menegitis sucked pretty hard.


Fugazi Dave 06-09-04 07:55 PM

Oh yeah - I once managed to get a strep infection in my eyes. Ever had blood blisters on your eyeballs? Talk about evil eye...

MKRG 06-09-04 08:35 PM

Being an agoraphobic cyclist is fun. Actually I'm not agoraphobic, but I had some real nasty panic attacks there for awhile that crimped my social life a bit.

forum*rider 06-09-04 09:01 PM

I had shingles. It looked gross, with the pustules(sp) and all.

Joe Gardner 06-09-04 09:08 PM

"Ed Zachary" disease by far, and no, I dont have it :)

Zin 06-09-04 09:19 PM

Um, diabetes. I have it, and it may have saved my life! Now if I can just keep the doctors from cutting parts off me off, or from going blind. Nevermind that I can't eat sugar. :rolleyes:

N_C 06-09-04 09:52 PM

When I was an infant I had something called Hong Kong Flu. As an older child I had chicken pox. Nothing more serious then that. Of course I've had the occasional cold or a slight case of a flu bug, but nothing more serious then taking a day or so off of work.

catatonic 06-09-04 10:33 PM

Intestinal Diseases

Got one a few years ago from tainted food...worst 4 days of my life...

day 1...i nearly fell down at work...managed to get myself amped up on enough caffeine and found the right back roads to get myself home....slept nearly 18 hours

day2...hunger kickes in, im going into fevers and chill cycling every 20 mins or so...I can't eat, it makes me sick...I also have this raging diahreea and vomiting...the vomit was some kind of nasty yellow bile. I had to do this purging about every fluid consumption was the end of the day i found out i couldnt sleep

day 3 still no im having toruble holding down water...still ahvent eaten..but i'm a stubborn cuss so i wait it evening muscle cramps start

day 4 .....still no sleep, cnat eat or drink anyhting...i'm no longer sweating despite feeling incredibly hot...i cna barely move, and my muscles are burning when i do...I call for some poeple to get me to the ER...I sit there for nearly 8's just into day 5 when I get called in.

day 5....i finally get in there...semi consious...doctors told me right off the bat I looked like I was dehydrated, so they started IVs...they never got a smaple though...but told me they have seen lots of folks with this exact smae symptoms lately. So they treated me for that as well. I got let out about 6 hours later...over a liter of saline had to be IVed into me...the doctor was amazed I was consious.

Took a week after that before I could go back to was horrible. Couldnt eat solid food for about a week, then only unseasoned no-fat diet for the next month...sucked something awful. I refuse to go back to the store I bought that food from... bad part was they couldnt take a sample at the hospital since i didnt eat in so I didn't have lawsuit material...

timmhaan 06-09-04 10:49 PM

i've never had it, but we always joke about calling into work sick with lyme disease. or disentary. i'd say those are my faves.

iamlucky13 06-09-04 10:57 PM

Well, I can't say I'm very attached to it and I certainly haven't had it, but Ebola is rather fascinating.

For what I've had, I don't know what it was. I felt like crap, had no energy, had a really really sore throat, couldn't sleep, and everything tasted bland for two days. I thought I caught mono. Then it went away but came back a 3 days later for two more days. I think all the doctors I've seen in the last 3 years would probably call it mid-terminal tired-itis, but this was an unusually severe strain.

Hangovers are an interesting illness. Too bad they're not like catch it once and you're done.

BurlySurly 06-09-04 11:05 PM

I think i had SIDS once.

lotek 06-10-04 08:22 AM

Mononeucleoisis with secondary hepatic infection.
Felt like I was gonna die, and wished that I would.


Moonshot 06-10-04 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by BurlySurly
I think i had SIDS once.

I didn't know you could recover from that.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome is pretty painful. Finding out you're allergic to penicillin is no fun either.

BurlySurly 06-10-04 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by Moonshot
I didn't know you could recover from that.

It was a mild case. I also caught spinabifida once too.

WestCoastHucker 06-10-04 11:11 AM

i used to have Zachary's disease once.

that's when your face looks Zachary like your ass

Dannihilator 06-10-04 02:18 PM

I had scarlet fever twice, both times I nearly died.

Mikeesq4 06-10-04 02:22 PM

cystic acne

robertsdvd 06-10-04 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by BurlySurly
It was a mild case. I also caught spinabifida once too.

You caught spinabifida huh?

jeff williams 06-10-04 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by BurlySurly
I think i had SIDS once.


SIDS is a horror all parents face with birth of children.
If you survived this? I am very happy for you and your parents.

If you're trying to be funny-you failed. Try being a little 'aware' others may have had tragic events in their life and casual wordings may be VERY offensive.

My baby was fine.

jeff williams 06-10-04 03:31 PM

Oh, pertinent to this thread, I ate beef tainted with e-coli.
Day 1- Severe abdominal cramping.
Day 2- Cramping, profuse sweating.
Day 3- Sweating, cramping and blood in the toilet. OMG. :eek:
Day 3.5- Convulsing, am unable to walk, stool now complete blood. Am admitted to hospital and worked on.

Guess I came through O.K. Was a veggie for a while. (meaning I ate a vegitarian diet, not a coma.)

Stacey 06-10-04 04:11 PM

I always hate when I get Lakanookie :D

Stacey 06-10-04 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by WestCoastHucker
i used to have Zachary's disease once.

that's when your face looks Zachary like your ass

That's "Zackly", not "Zachary"... Sheesh!

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