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randya 08-14-09 05:36 PM

Powersliding is Not a Crime

Hickeydog 08-14-09 05:53 PM


Siu Blue Wind 08-14-09 05:56 PM

I'd be so mad if they slid on MY car.

randya 08-14-09 06:53 PM


Siu Blue Wind 08-14-09 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by randya (Post 9488744)

Speaking of which, I wonder how many pairs of jeans they go through a month?

c0urt 08-14-09 07:25 PM

one of the kids who went face first, had a nice dismount

JaRow 08-14-09 07:33 PM

That's pretty obscure.

There is a related video titled "how to get a girl to flash you". I think I'm going to watch that next.

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