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pohlf 08-15-09 07:28 PM

Speed Week moment - Alfa records at B'ville
Forget your carbon footprint for a moment and consider the exploits of a small group of guys from the midwest that built up a '91 Alfa Spider - nicknamed Bonnie - to take on some speed records this last week. They've been doing this most years since '99.

They managed to break 2 records (same engine/body - different fuel) - with a custom built, turbo'd 2000cc motor. The block/head are Alfa Romeo - with the head being a twin spark from a Euro car. The injection/spark system represents leading-edge technology from various US-based manufacturers that unofficially contribute to this effort. As an example, spark timing can be varied per cylinder through a laptop and the engine mgmt. s/ware - good stuff.

This car remains the world's fastest fully bodied Alfa Romeo - now at 230+MPH

The records broken this last week (pardon the formatting):

Number Entry Name Engine Body OldRec NewRec(Speed) Driver/Rider

2001 AutocomponentI G BFMS 221.252 225.839 Bill Lightfoot

2081 AutocomponentI G BGMS 217.152 230.352 James Steck

From this year's event:

From 2008:

Having attended Speed Week in '05, and helped Bonnie's team, I have immeasurable admiration for these racers.

see you on the salt

redirekib 08-15-09 10:27 PM

I could save time on my commute with that for sure.

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