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Zan 08-18-09 06:48 PM

How much does it cost have a patio installed?

For those of you who don't know, I do landscaping to make a dollar for school edumackation.

I'm installing this 200 sq ft patio for a client... I've done a bunch of work for her in the past, and she has been please with my boys and me. Now it's patio time.

I've never done a patio before, but I've done walkways.

The patio is a little over 200 sq ft. She got the bricks for free from a neighbor (we moved 'em from the neighbor's place to her place for her on a previous job).

I paid for the screening and the dumpster for dirt removal. I also rented a plate compactor to do a proper job.

I figure in the end the total cost will be around 2000$. That's 10$/sq ft for labor/dirt removal/screening/equipment.

Is this a good deal? I didn't realize how much time it'd take to put this thing in. We've spent two days (27 man hours day one, 22 man hours day two). We're probably going to spend another 12 man hours tomorrow. So... it'll be done in three days, for sure.

How much would it have cost to have someone else do it? I don't want to feel like I'm ripping her off...


bill_pfaff 08-18-09 08:22 PM

I'm not a contractor and I have no idea what something like that costs but in the future you may want to consider the time and material model until you get a better feel for pricing.

As for the current job, 2000/61 hrs = $32.78 per hour. I personally don't think that's highway robbery


Zan 08-18-09 08:39 PM

well, of that 2000$ total,

350$ went for bin rental for dirt removal
200$ went to screening
150$ went to the tamper
maybe another 10$ for mason sand.

of that 2000$, i'm thinking 1300$ for labor. labor is 20$/ hour - that's what the business works at. i know it's less than what a "professional" contractor would be paid, but I am assuming we work slower than that same "professional" contractor.

Wordbiker 08-18-09 09:17 PM

As a're selling yourself short.

All you're charging is labor + materials. Where's the profit?

ilikebikes 08-18-09 09:21 PM

My bro in law just paid $10,000 for a rear patio, roughly 20x12, but he's a ****in' idiot, thinks if you pay more it has to be better. :rolleyes:

reef58 08-18-09 09:22 PM

$10 per foot isn't a bad price. If you are working at something you don't have much experience with then unit cost are fair. It may not be a good deal for you since it takes longer than someone who does it everyday, but now you have the experience.

When I estimate construction it is labor, materials, and incidentals such as permits, and then add 20% overhead and profit.

Unit cost are a good way to go also.


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