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Siu Blue Wind 08-19-09 11:36 PM

Do you own your cat or does your cat own YOU?
Let's put it this way. I don't own any cats. :p

Wordbiker 08-19-09 11:38 PM

I for one welcome our feline masters.

Let's put it this way: we came home and the cat had brought a bird inside and eaten it. Feathers distributed through three rooms. It was not the cat that cleaned it up.

nekohime 08-19-09 11:40 PM

Teh kitteh is our overlord. Obviously.

It's funny though...he came into our lives not even two days after LizzieMumu (the previous overmistress) had an unfortunate run-in with a careless, stupid driver (Muumuu...:cry:). It was like fate. Or careful planning by the mothership.

fuzzbox 08-19-09 11:58 PM

My dog=cat. My dog owns me.

Allen 08-20-09 12:10 AM

I lease the cat.

Siu Blue Wind 08-20-09 12:11 AM

I am not allowed to sit on the leather recliner anymore. I guess it's theirs now. And so is this one particular chair at the kitchen table. Sakima sits there and watches me eat. But he won't come on the table out of respect. He's a nice kitteh.

gnome 08-20-09 01:01 AM

Of course the cat owns me. Silly question.

pgoat 08-20-09 05:28 AM

our cats pwn me, so yes.

Skones MickLoud 08-20-09 05:31 AM

My cat has gotten in the habit of doing what he wants when he wants. I've learned to live under the iron fist of my overlord.

ModoVincere 08-20-09 05:33 AM

meh, I only bow to the squirrel with no tail.
He has magical powers and can instantly appear anywhere at anytime.

42Ultimate 08-20-09 05:37 AM

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What the Cat wants, the Cat gets. Of course we are the Cat's not the other way around. :)

Tude 08-20-09 07:00 AM

<looks down>

Hmmmm Big kitty just worries me so, :( he owns me.

<continues to inspect legs>

Hmmmm Ming is back to having good time with lower legs and toes, makes me come home to make sure she has not been locked in a room, controls my potential traveling times, complains audibly when I reprimand her ...


I'm so owned.

kila kila kila 08-20-09 07:43 AM

There have been few days as happy as when I got rid of my cat.

SonataInFSharp 08-20-09 07:44 AM

We used to have a cat that owned us, but never again. We now own our cat. They are just animals, after all. :D

Brian 08-20-09 07:59 AM

I'm not sure I understand the question.

Dexter totally owns the dogs with his massive ninja skillset.

DataJunkie 08-20-09 08:41 AM

My cat routinely beats down my 100lb and 50lb labs. I am also the only one he can get to understand his meows and am routinely herded by him. My overlord has been in charge for 13 years or so.

ChltCat 08-20-09 08:47 AM

I have 4 cats (yes, I am that lady)..and they all own me..I act like I have control of them...I don't..

skijor 08-20-09 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by ChltCat (Post 9524094)
I have 4 cats (yes, I am that lady)..and they all own me..I act like I have control of them...I don't..

Only 4? :p

ChltCat 08-20-09 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by skijor (Post 9524130)

ahahahahhaa HOLY ****!!! I want one of those!!!:)

ritepath 08-20-09 08:58 AM

Night before last I was having a dream that an unknown tiger/panther….was waiting to pounce on me from the brush along a path I was walking on. I could hear the cat making noises and then it started clawing me and I turned to run….at that point I woke up and my large Siamese was on my chest kneading my neck and purring overly loud. I got out of bed and kicked him outside for the rest of the night.

Oh and he also owns our little doggies...

rjw_III 08-20-09 09:00 AM

My fiancees cat is evil...that's what I call him. He bites my feet in the morning and then wants to lay me with at night when I'm watching of course I let him :) Me=owned by cat

couch_incident 08-20-09 09:03 AM

Ming owned me last weekend. She also attacked me without hesitation.


JoelS 08-20-09 09:05 AM

We have a cat. He does not run the house. I will not move for him and will move him if he is where I want to be.

ChltCat 08-20-09 09:11 AM

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this picture is my cat Lacey..she was not fixed yet, therefore EXTREMELY randy..she was trying to get some lovin' from my only boy cat..I think something in the lazer beams coming out of her eyes owned me from that day forward

Tude 08-20-09 09:14 AM

Holy cow! Seems like many of us haz the Siamese/Balinese looking Owners!

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