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coffeecake 09-06-09 03:18 PM

preferred New Coke over everything else.

jgedwa 09-06-09 03:26 PM

Wears adult diapers. But not for any medical reason.

Wordbiker 09-06-09 03:26 PM

Has an extensive collection of Victorian china dolls, enjoys swapping the outfits.

ilikebikes 09-06-09 03:29 PM

Dances with nothing but a G-String and high heels on to "I Will Survive" while watching himself in a mirror.

MillCreek 09-06-09 03:36 PM


Posts while wearing a meticulously-applied coat of lipstick.

jgedwa 09-06-09 03:40 PM

Wishes he had erectile dysfunction

AEO 09-06-09 03:40 PM

doesn't actually live in a mill or a creek

MillCreek 09-06-09 03:44 PM

Suffers the tragedy of an ill iguana. Reptile dysfunction, in other words.

sinclac 09-06-09 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by MillCreek (Post 9625220)
Suffers the tragedy of an ill iguana. Reptile dysfunction, in other words.

Rides a Schwin.

jgedwa 09-06-09 03:50 PM

Knows how to spell

DX-MAN 09-06-09 03:53 PM

Is actually a one-legged, 20-something transsexual. With a perpetually cheery disposition.

Wordbiker 09-06-09 03:55 PM

Put in a serious bid to buy Neverland Ranch.

jgedwa 09-06-09 04:03 PM

Has a thing for swimmin' with bowlegged women

Alfster 09-06-09 04:05 PM

Carries his lipstick & eyeliner in his man-purse.

DX-MAN 09-06-09 04:06 PM

Forgot to include the cat for his other shoulder.

AEO 09-06-09 04:07 PM

loves to drink ketchup, straight.

jgedwa 09-06-09 04:16 PM

drinks catsup for straight love

AEO 09-06-09 04:23 PM

uses at least one full bottle of mayonnaise for each meal that he eats.

Hickeydog 09-06-09 04:25 PM

Wants to be able to wear his maid costume 27/4.

Wordbiker 09-06-09 04:28 PM

Gets all the chicks.

AEO 09-06-09 04:28 PM

wishes it was poison ivy

Alfster 09-06-09 04:35 PM

Lives in a city where Attorney Generals are biking enthusiasts.

wolfpack 09-06-09 04:46 PM

paints his toenails. bright pink.

AEO 09-06-09 04:56 PM

would like to drink 1 gallon of beer today.

Hickeydog 09-06-09 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by Wordbiker (Post 9625407)
Gets all the chicks.

oh now that is just low. :notamused:

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