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wolfpack 09-16-09 08:34 PM

flu shot
anyone getting one this fall?

i've never had a flu shot, only had the flu 1x - way back in 1990...knocked me out for a good week, then still not fully recovered until about 3-4 wks later.

i hate needles and that's my #1 reason for not getting one. anyone want to come hold my hand while i get one??? serious. :)

AEO 09-16-09 08:45 PM

hmm, I should get the flu shot this year...

Siu Blue Wind 09-16-09 08:47 PM

Work pays for our shots and recommends them.

It's not so bad, WP. It's a quickie. But then again I'm used to getting shots every month. I'm allergic to dogs and cats!!

wolfpack 09-16-09 09:04 PM

dunno....the silly commercials i've seen show them (nurses) just jabbing the needle like crap into your arm....i just don't do needles - 1x/yr to check cholesterol, etc....otherwise, nope...

Miguelangel 09-16-09 09:14 PM

In my school they are offering us the H1N1 shot...thinking about it! Should i Do it??

Siu Blue Wind 09-16-09 09:15 PM

Just tell them you don't like needles and they will be gentle.

The flu shot was nothing compared to the whole vile of crap they put in when I get my allergy shots. Okay it's not really a whole vile but it's a lot.... The pain comes from the fluid having to be forced into a small area under the skin and it's the skin and muscle giving way to something that big being forced in. I'm not kidding when I get about an inch of antigen in there. The flu shot I just saw a drop of the stuff in there.

coldfeet 09-16-09 09:24 PM

Probably not. Have doubts about something done in such a rush, have never had one before, last bad bout of flu was over 30 years ago. Have the immune system from hell.

KiuBWhy 09-16-09 09:27 PM

If you don't end up going for it, just wash your hands compulsively. I'm really paranoid about washing my hands a lot, especially before eating.

OTOH, the shot isn't so bad. Its sore for an hour or two, then its fine. I got one the year before last, but then again I haven't gotten the flu in about 5 years or so.

wolfpack 09-16-09 09:30 PM

i'm about 99.9999999999999% sure i'm not getting one. i am a stickler for hand washing at work and use paper towels to open/close doors....other than this dang bronchitis/allergy-pollen stuff, i'm hardly ever sick. i want to keep it that way.

GP 09-16-09 09:34 PM

The first rule of the flu is, you do not talk about the flu.

wolfpack 09-16-09 09:37 PM

so, i'm jinxed now, eh?

GP 09-16-09 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by wolfpack (Post 9689658)
so, i'm jinxed now, eh?

I can't say.

efrobert 09-16-09 09:47 PM

Never had a flu shot, never had the flu.
All this medication doctors want to pump into our systems just make our immune systems weak. I'm 41 and I've never taken a single prescription medication in my adult life, and I never get sick, except for the occasional cold.

Snicklefritz 09-16-09 09:56 PM

I will probably get the flu shot this year, particularly for H1N1 because I teach on a university campus where I come in contact with a huge number of potential germ incubators.

I haven't done much with flu shots in the past after my mom had a bad experience with one - the med tech used the wrong type of needle and gave me mom the shot in the wrong location. To cut to the chace, she ended up with a frozen shoulder. It look about 6 months of physical therapy before she could move her arm without severe pain :(

Luddite 09-16-09 09:57 PM

If the goobment will cover the expense for h1n1 and regular flu shots for moi, fer sure. If not, no. I'm mildly asthmatic and last year I wound up with bacterial bronchitis after I caught some weird virus (still dunno what it was, I didn't have body aches/headache like the flu, just a fever for something 4 days.)

FlowerBlossom 09-16-09 09:58 PM

Yes to the regular flu shot. If the H1N1 is offered to me, yes.

However, I am not part of the at-risk population, time-will-tell if the H1N1 will be offered to me.

CbadRider 09-16-09 10:02 PM

My work gives us flu shots for free. I take public transportation to work so am exposed to germs there, and inevitably there will be some doofus who gets the flu and comes to work anyway, spreading their germs all over everything in the office.

Siu Blue Wind 09-16-09 10:10 PM

Whoops. It isn't my work that pays for them as stated earlier, it's part of my union benefit. I just remembered that some of the employees don't get theirs because they are in a different union.

msincredible 09-16-09 10:19 PM

I get allergy shots regularly like Siu, but I don't get flu shots.

BoSoxYacht 09-16-09 10:21 PM

I've never had the Flu, or had a Flu shot.

I think getting the shot will cause you to get the Flu later on.

wolfpack 09-16-09 10:22 PM

free for me at work, but i'm still not getting one...

ILUVUK 09-16-09 10:24 PM

Meg (my lovely wife) and I don't get flu shots, but our kids get them.

skijor 09-16-09 10:27 PM

I haven't gotten the flu shot for a few years ever since I found out about the mercury that many (not all) flu shots contain. I got the shot for a good 15 years or so up to that point, both in the military and through my current employer.
From: Most flu shots contain mercury, but few know it

-A typical flu shot contains 25 micrograms - or 50,000 parts per billion - of mercury.

-The EPA classifies a liquid with 200 parts per billion of mercury as hazardous waste. The limit for drinking water is 2 parts per billion.

-Using the standards set for the kind of mercury in fish, an average 130-pound person getting the flu shot would exceed the daily limit by more than four times. A 22-pound baby would get more than 25 times the amount of mercury considered safe. Doctors are recommending many babies and children get two flu shots this season.

Siu Blue Wind 09-16-09 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by BoSoxYacht (Post 9689884)
I've never had the Flu, or had a Flu shot.

I think getting the shot will cause you to get the Flu later on.

I had asked the Dr. about that and she said it was a 'dead' shot, meaning that it would be enough to cause your body to build up the immunity but not enough to cause you to get sick.

msincredible 09-16-09 10:42 PM


Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind (Post 9689956)
I had asked the Dr. about that and she said it was a 'dead' shot, meaning that it would be enough to cause your body to build up the immunity but not enough to cause you to get sick.

It's true, you can't actually catch the flu from a flu shot.

However, your immune system can react to a flu shot so that you feel pretty sick. That's why a lot of people think you can get the flu from the shot.

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