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Timber_8 09-25-09 04:28 AM

Update on Gingersnap
Well we took her in for surgery Tuesday morning & picked her up Wednesday evening. She had torn ligaments and meniscus. She is having a real hard time but improving with every day. It will be a long road for her but much better than we originally were told. I have switched vets for good to a much better facility with a larger staff.

Big_e 09-25-09 06:02 AM

That's good to hear about Gingersnap! I'm lucky that I have a really good vet for my dogs nearby. Make sure she gets plenty of rest. Keep her in a place that's dark but where she can still see what's going on with her pack.

Timber_8 10-04-09 02:20 PM

Hear is a picture of her leg now, The staples are coming out tomorow

banerjek 10-04-09 05:17 PM

I recommend steak therapy. While not scientifically proven to be effective, my anecdotal experience is that it definitely provides short term relief for dogs

Big_e 10-04-09 09:05 PM

Did the vet put on one of those big Elizabethan collars (lampshade) to keep her from licking and pulling at the stitches?

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