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jviking 11-03-09 01:57 PM

Fantasy football help!!!!
Ok I have to start 4 of the following recievers, who should I play?

-Vernon Davis @ Ten
-Michael Crabtree @ Ten
-Miles Austin @ Philly
-Wes Welker @ Mia
-Greg Jennings @ Tampa
-Mike Sims-Walker @ KC

Welker and Jennings are a given... but crap all my recievers are going to have huge game against these Defenses.... Who do I play?!?!?!

chewybrian 11-03-09 02:27 PM

I would sit Davis and Crabtree, because Tenn is turning the corner, and Crabtree is probably still a couple weeks from breaking out(I'm still sitting him, for now). The other 4 are solid.

I'm starting: Vincent Jackson, Roddy White, and Miles Austin; bench is Crabtree and Sidney Rice.

chewybrian 11-03-09 03:12 PM

O.k., I want to ask a couple:

Running back: I always start Chris Johnson. The other is between Cedric Benson vs. BAL, and Ronnie Brown @ NE. I prefer Benson, except that I still fear the BAL defense.

Also, I need to pick up a free agent kicker for the rest of the season: Crosby from GB, Carney from NO, or Brown from HOU? I am leaning to Carney, because of the playoff matchup--DAL and TB (not to mention all the extra points...). Brown does get STL in the playoffs...

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