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MrCrassic 11-07-09 11:23 PM

BikeForums Nyack ride meetup?
Would anyone be interested in doing this? I'm setting my eyes on February.

I'm not sure if I've made mention of this here, but I'm thinking of doing something travel-related every month. While this won't really count as travel, it would be an awesome way to meet and ride with some of you guys in person.

No plans have been set in stone yet, but if we leave from the same departing area as the Escape New York Ride that happens annually, it would be approximately 60 - 70 miles of riding, round trip. There are some great coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants up there, and the huge Piermont Bicycle Connection on the way there. I'm looking for this to be mostly for roadies, since that's what I am and who I identify with best, but I can be flexible.

If the group is moderate enough, we could probably go out for lunch or dinner somewhere in NYC. What do y'all think?

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