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permanentjaun 01-11-10 10:24 PM

Will Google Sites host my site for free?
I'd like to build a website and am looking for options on building and hosting. I came across Google Sites and noticed that I could effectively use a domain name that I've purchased rather than the address.

I'm not sure if I'm using this all correctly though. I have nothing hosted on I only purchased the domain and no hosting options. Is it possible for the Google Sites application to simply use the domain name and thus I can host/build a website for free through Google Sites? I'm not sure if I'm using this right.

I changed the CNAME and server to point to, but I'm not sure I did it right or if it will work as I imagine. Can someone here explain to me if it's possible to do what I want to do? I'd much rather simply buy a domain name for $10 a year and use the Google Apps to build a website very simply that can also integrate many features seamlessly.


cuda2k 01-11-10 10:32 PM

Yes it is possible to buy the domain name from one provider (, godaddy, yahoo, etc etc etc) and have the hosting done elsewhere. I haven't worked with Google's hosting before, but where ever you bought the domain name, there should be a place to enter the address of where the domain is hosted at. When you set up the Google hosting, it should provide you with that information. I host with GoDaddy, and I believe they have a free option as well, and that they have web page builders and all that jazz as well.

permanentjaun 01-11-10 11:39 PM

I am really confused by all of this. I used to register my domain name. I'm in the DNS management screen where I can enter a subdomain and a cname server. Right now there is a blank box where I can enter the subdomain such that it would be

Do I literally need to make a 'www' subdomain so that all people typing in will be directed? I have no clue. Would you believe googles instructions aren't helping me?

mmerner 01-11-10 11:43 PM

I tried host my domain from google. I couldn't figure out how to get past the simple, boring standard layout they use.

permanentjaun 01-11-10 11:51 PM

Yea there is something not so simple to understand about google. I deleted the CNAME record in my DNS management that google is supposed to use to verify my ownership. I want to do that step again with my unique string that google gives me, and now I can't find the process of getting my unique string back. Confusing.

cuda2k 01-12-10 09:47 AM

You should not need to make a www. subdomain, that's really not a subdomain (as I understand it). You just just have to change the CNAME record to what ever google tells you to set it to. The change isn't instant, sometimes it can take several hours (I'd give it 12 hrs or so to be sure) for the new information to take effect.

artifice 01-15-10 09:57 AM

if your google site doesn't have an IP address (which I imagine it does not) you could just do a URL redirect from your .com to your google address. would show up after the redirect, though.

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