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TechKnowGN 06-09-10 10:47 AM

Dear foo, I need some help
I hope this doesn't violate any rules here or anything, but I'm getting desperate so I figured I'd try it.

USA Triathlon has a photo caption contest each quarter. My caption is one of the finalists. I'm currently in second place with 1 day to go. I'm down by 55 votes. If I win I get some nice little prize pack from Rudy Project.

There are no forms to fill out, and voting takes 2 seconds.

The poll is here:

My caption is: "Yeah, Matty Reed thinks he dropped me. he doesn't realize I've already finished the course 6 times."

We spent a lot on the upcoming honeymoon so I could really use the free gear.

Thanks gang.

SonataInFSharp 06-09-10 10:50 AM

I voted.

Not saying for which caption, though. :p

probe1957 06-09-10 10:55 AM

Sure. Why not.

TechKnowGN 06-09-10 11:02 AM

I wouldnt be so far behind but the notification that this had started went to my junk box, so i didnt get a chance to "rock the vote" 2 weeks ago when it started.

Thanks for the help gang.

skijor 06-09-10 11:04 AM


crackerjab 06-09-10 11:08 AM

I voted...

Where's the amped bosses sister story you were supposed to be working on?

TechKnowGN 06-09-10 11:10 AM

Sorry, got waylaid by married life and a work schedule that buried me for a few months.

SingingSabre 06-09-10 11:12 AM

Voted. :)

TechKnowGN 06-09-10 12:07 PM

Thanks to all who have voted, Im down by only 38, so still a ways to go but we're getting there!

UnsafeAlpine 06-09-10 12:18 PM


crackerjab 06-09-10 12:48 PM

I voted on all three of my mac addresses. Hope that helps.

TechKnowGN 06-09-10 12:54 PM

Thanks CJ. I'm down by only 10 now, but voting doesnt end until tomorrow, so I want to clear into first with a big buffer to absorb any charge #2 may make between now and then.

bikecrate 06-09-10 01:12 PM

I voted...

StupidlyBrave 06-09-10 02:48 PM

OK, you're well in the lead now...

no motor? 06-09-10 03:07 PM


dstrong 06-09-10 03:43 PM

I voted...but now I have to go figure out who Matty Reed is.

*edit* oh...I now see he's a triathlon bad-ass.

Shadiyah 06-09-10 03:48 PM

Done! Hope you win! :)

DX-MAN 06-09-10 04:38 PM


TechKnowGN 06-09-10 05:21 PM

Thanks Foo-schnickens! I appreciate the support. If you havent voted yet, please do. Want to make sure no one else can mount a last minute campaign to win.

Alfster 06-09-10 05:42 PM

Me thinks you're gonna win by a landslide.

jccaclimber 06-09-10 05:48 PM

I think we've got you covered at this point.

TechKnowGN 06-09-10 07:41 PM

It does seem to be going well. Im up by 70ish. Thanks again so much gang!

crackerjab 06-09-10 08:28 PM

Random power of the internet. It's much more useful than a lot of people think.

serra 06-09-10 08:35 PM

Haha, nice use of the internet! I sorta liked the 2nd and 3rd more, but I figured I might as well help out the one who asked. Not that you need it, goodness, talk about a landslide! :p

TechKnowGN 06-09-10 09:09 PM

I was down by 50-something to start the day.

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