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late 11-23-10 04:43 PM

PS3 or XBOX?
I have had Borderlands trash my Windows OS 3 times now. When that happens
you have to do a full install, starting with formatting the hard drives.
Just reinstalling Windows and peripheral drivers doesn't work.


Problem is, I am a Borderlands junkie. I gots to have it.

Which means I need a console. I don't much care for the idea, but there it is.

I like the Xbox simply because it's cheaper. You can get an Xbox for $200, or about
a hundred bucks less than the basic ps3.

I know about Blu-ray and the other gee whiz stuff. The only selling point for the ps3
is that all that extra technology *might* make it last longer.

I may end up hooking this to my 22 inch computer monitor and not my TV. The wife
doesn't like the idea of a console hooked up to the TV. Family turf issues, you know
how it is.

Boresville 11-23-10 08:01 PM

Wasn't there a recent thread similar to this that you actually posted in?

As was pretty much the consensus then, if you're not all that interested in Blu-ray or any of the exclusives offered for a specific platform, you really can't go wrong with either. When I was choosing between the two, I went with the PS3 because I liked the idea of the Blu-ray, Playstation exclusives like Gran Turismo and the Uncharted games and the majority of my friends had PS3s making it the obvious choice if I wanted to do any online multiplayer.

late 11-23-10 08:28 PM

Now that you mention it, yes.

The same question came up a few weeks ago.
I argued for the PC.

Thanks for the help.

Titmawz 11-24-10 05:45 PM


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