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RubenX 12-28-10 01:28 AM

I went to Enzian... (a review)
Took GF last night... OMG what a great place! SOOOO romantic. Is like a little movie theatre, but the floor is arranged more like a restaurant. You get a table, with big confy chairs. A waitress comes in and takes your order, you can eat whatever you want from a very varied menu. Prices are VERY reasonable. It was 10 for each ticket and around 10 for each plate. Around $50 bucks with drinks and a beer. Definitely worth it.

They show many foreign movies as well as old cult classics. Definitely, not mainstream Hollywood blockbuster movies. My kind of place.

The food service was fast, better than many so called "fancy restaurants" around here. And the food itself was great. Can't wait to go back.

tizeye 12-28-10 07:43 AM

Great place off the radar. Friend's got married there with "pirate" theme wedding.

Daughter returns to college in NY today (yes, planes are departing this AM!!!!) but met her friends from HS for a Christmas night showing. With their unique selection of movies, you have to think to check and see what is playing.

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