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Couch 12-29-10 08:04 PM

The Official Dog Nose Thread!
I've had a bit of the Creature tonight so nothing makes sense. With that said, I've started this thread.

Anyway, take a picutre of your dog's nose and post it in this thread.


skijor 12-29-10 08:32 PM

Alfster 12-29-10 08:38 PM

Dannihilator 12-29-10 09:39 PM

Was asked to post this.

apclassic9 12-30-10 08:19 AM

colorider 12-30-10 09:48 AM

Jakedatc 12-30-10 10:08 AM

jsharr 12-30-10 11:52 AM

has more nose than most pics of the dog.

Couch 12-30-10 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by jsharr (Post 12003067)

has more nose than most pics of the dog.

You need to zoom in more on that dog's nose!


Harutz 12-30-10 02:42 PM

banerjek 12-30-10 03:01 PM

Harutz 12-30-10 03:19 PM
(Yeah, she's wearing a jacket. It's been cold! What?)

Big_e 12-30-10 03:40 PM

skiahh 12-30-10 09:44 PM

OK, I"ll play. These were actually taken by my 4 year old daughter.

Newfoundland nose.

Springer nose.

How about a paw? Newf paw.

Couch 12-30-10 09:50 PM

Thanks for posting in this thread Foo!

Inge is taking me to the dog park tomorrow. If I remember the camera, I will take pictures of other dog's noses.


probe1957 12-31-10 01:00 PM

My dog is a wuss who runs when he sees a camera.

RedRider2009 12-31-10 02:33 PM

Banerjek with the win, what kind of dog? Great Dane?

Some very nice cold/wet noses in here...

Harutz 12-31-10 03:37 PM

I don't know- Banerjek's was definitely nice, but I think skljor had a pretty good one there.

alfredo 12-31-10 08:02 PM

Sam the Pug.

KrisPistofferson 01-02-11 03:57 PM
My beloved.

bigbossman 01-02-11 04:22 PM

Hunting ducks:

Mr Danw 01-02-11 05:55 PM


Sixty Fiver 01-02-11 08:00 PM

Alfster 01-02-11 08:10 PM

Are you sure that's a nose in there :twitchy:

Sixty Fiver 01-02-11 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by Alfster (Post 12017326)
Are you sure that's a nose in there :twitchy:

She is getting a haircut tonight whether she likes it or not... if I survive I will post more pictures.

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