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RubenX 01-04-11 07:41 PM

Looking to buy a DVD Player
Here's what I need:

1) Needs to play anything I trow at it... DVD Movie, Data CD or DVD with .avi or .mpg etc
2) Cheap... real cheap

and it would be a plus if it could:

1) Have a usb port to stick USB Drives in it with .avi & .mpg movies
2) did I mention cheap?

anybody has something like this? any recommendations?

PS: I don't need blue ray... movies are expensive and I have crapy tvs anyway.

Desonate 01-05-11 08:07 PM

You could connect your computer to the TV.

skiahh 01-05-11 09:18 PM

May as well get a Blueray... you'll eventually get a TV that's 1080p. And Blueray's play regular DVDs and stuff. I just got one for $79 and there's a generic brand for $59 out there.

LesterOfPuppets 01-05-11 09:34 PM

PHILIPS DVP3560 comes close. Only plays Divx, mp3 and jpg stills off the USB, though.

I'd probably spring for a bluray player also. Only $119.

No mention of .avi, (I don't think many play just any avi, usually only Divx avi files) but plays youtube, netflix and pandora if you hook it up to the internet. (and have the service in the netflix case. Not sure if you need pay pandora for that action or not.)

LesterOfPuppets 01-05-11 11:45 PM

Oooh, that's a screamin' deal at Amazon. My friend paid $150 just over a year ago.

DannoXYZ 01-06-11 03:16 AM


Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets (Post 12034345)
PHILIPS DVP3560 comes close. Only plays Divx, mp3 and jpg stills off the USB, though.

I bought a similar model from Costco for $45. It plays DVD, and Divx-AVI, MPEG and WMV files off USB hard-drives. Very convenient for downloads as I don't have to convert them to MPEG2/DVD format.

And unless you have a +50-55" TV, you can't see the difference between DVD & BluRay at normal viewing distances anyway.

LesterOfPuppets 01-06-11 03:24 AM

Hmmm, I can tell the difference on my neighbor's 42" 1080p sitting 8' away on the couch. DVD still ain't bad, but it's not as nice. I've just been waiting for the titles to proliferate and players to get cheap. $88 is pretty darn nice.

But, the OP claims to have crappy TVs so probably can't tell the difference between DVD and BD on his set.

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