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Paulfs67 11-14-13 03:10 AM

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Had a storm coming in this afternoon

cuda2k 11-15-13 12:17 PM

Think I may have posted this one before, but since this has become my first print not sold to family nor friends, going to repost it again...

Had this done in a metallic print at 11x14 for an art show last night and was one of 3 prints sold (other two to friends who stopped by). The metallic finish really made the image pop even more than it does on the screen, and considering doing a 16x20 for the house somewhere next time there is a sale on at my printer.

clemsongirl 11-17-13 06:01 AM

wdh74 very nice duaflex! great ones on your flickr site too!

Great b/w church paufs67!!

Congrats on the sales cuda2k!

thanks colorider!!


La Purisima Mission

L.A. Metro


c0urt 11-19-13 06:18 PM

was running back to hotel in reno in just shorts in the rain, he was out playing "rain drops keep falling on my head.
made a rough day a little better.

Pidge 11-20-13 05:17 AM

Here's a few that I think turned out pretty fine. (and sorry I'm a "post & run" type. I gotta work on that)

tizeye 11-22-13 07:27 PM

About 4 weeks ago in Dallas

jbchybridrider 12-06-13 07:09 AM


cuda2k 12-06-13 02:41 PM

Been working on a few photos from September's trip to Yellowstone/Tetons:

cuda2k 12-09-13 07:58 AM

And a couple B&W's from Grand Teton National Park

been posting most of my new stuff either on my facebook page: or on google+:

colorider 12-09-13 09:58 AM

^Nice Cuda

Pidge 12-16-13 11:09 PM

Happy Holidays folks!

EthanYQX 12-17-13 06:58 AM


Originally Posted by jbchybridrider (Post 16306057)

Thats very nice. Sexy bike too.

clemsongirl 12-22-13 05:42 AM

peaceful days for all this holiday season…..

zuma beach


nondes 12-24-13 03:03 PM

Taken after the ice storm had filled our back yard with tree limbs and debris but before the power went out for 36 hours (temperature went down to -14C last night). Still, there's beauty to be found!

Best of the season everyone.

jdon 12-26-13 07:17 PM

A few more from the same storm..

colorider 12-27-13 12:57 PM

Nice jdon

jbchybridrider 01-04-14 06:55 AM


Originally Posted by EthanYQX (Post 16336392)
Thats very nice. Sexy bike too.

Thanks man!

clemsongirl 01-04-14 11:34 PM

great ice images nondes and jdon!!!….makes me happy to live where i do *S*


zuma beach

venice beach

cuda2k 01-04-14 11:34 PM

Grand Teton National Park

More at: and Facebook and Google+

nondes 01-05-14 04:15 PM

Thanks Clemsongirl, but I have to admit we spent the last week somewhere a little warmer!

clemsongirl 01-05-14 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by nondes (Post 16385185)
Thanks Clemsongirl, but I have to admit we spent the last week somewhere a little warmer!

central america? nice captures wherever it is….and no ice :)

with some more purple that hummingbird could be the anna that likes the fuchsia-flowering gooseberry by my outside table this time of year.

eschlwc 01-05-14 06:59 PM

the hdr stuff is such a turnoff. it's like a perfectly decent composition and any emotion inherent in the photo is ruined with the contrast button in photoshop.

clemsongirl 01-05-14 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by eschlwc (Post 16385523)
the hdr stuff is such a turnoff. it's like a perfectly decent composition and any emotion inherent in the photo is ruined with the contrast button in photoshop.

I think of this thread as a place to share what and how we see images around us. We have different visions and talent and to me that’s the interesting part. Criticism can sometime stifle that sharing which is why I make only positive comments when I see a photo that resonates with me, or constructive words if asked what I think in a pm. I’d really dislike this becoming a thread of cute kitten photos just so everyone could feel warm and fuzzy:) …….or each photo being like I would do it.

eschlwc 01-05-14 10:39 PM

i have a different take on it, where criticism is a good thing and can (and should) lead to growth.

often the photographer/hobbiest doesn't see the natural beauty or simple meaning in his own work and feels he needs the computer to add something that is wholly unreal. like he feels compelled to make his natural sky a van gogh 'starry night.' it ends up defeating any purpose that was there already.

i used to make the same mistakes, and sometimes i still do. you have to trust yourself with the camera in your hand, then afterwards, let it go to be what it is. 'what it isn't' just looks fake.

clemsongirl 01-05-14 11:56 PM

That’s your process, that’s fine and I respect that. I guess I just don’t feel a forum of bicyclists who also happen to share some of their photos is the place to help someone find meaning in their photography. I post to a photography site where there are people who can be helpful in guiding me in whatever vision I have. If someone wants that kind of input I would say that's the kind of site to use for that purpose. More importantly I have friends to share conversations with about our photography. I also just like the journey of photography and what I personally learn and get out of it. I have no need for making money or wanting praise for it.

‘What is’ is an interpretation we each make on how we want an image to look. Whether realistic or wildly digitally changed it’s still a personal vision within a hobby, journey or profession. The two photos of train tracks in my last photo post were influenced by some photos I saw of the train tracks going into the Birkenau Concentration camp on the photo site I post to. That’s what I was feeling when I took them. Whether someone thinks they have no meaning doesn't bother me because to me they do. I would hope everyone who posts to this thread feels their sharing is simply that….sharing.

Allen’s alt-processing, someone’s hdr or even a photo with no photographic attributes is a personal choice to share here. I welcome all of that and hope more people share!

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