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crackerjab 03-11-11 02:38 PM

Lengthy commutes
Just curious to know what everyone's typical commute time to work is.

MangoPumpkin 03-11-11 02:41 PM

One thousand four hundred fourty seconds without a crap ton of traffic. AKA 24 minutes....21 miles


billyymc 03-11-11 02:43 PM

In a car? 12 Minutes. By bike (via different route than car), about 45 minutes.

crackerjab 03-11-11 02:46 PM

Mine varies but ranges anywhere between 45 minutes and 18 hours.

crackerjab 03-11-11 02:48 PM

It's going to be 4 hours today.

Bob Ross 03-11-11 03:38 PM

~40 minutes each direction by bike; 35 minutes each direction by subway.

20grit 03-11-11 03:40 PM

13 minutes now by car. Soon to be 5 minutes on foot, 2.5 or less minutes by bike.

work4bike 03-11-11 03:50 PM

Retired Navy, lived in many cities. My commutes have ranged anywhere between 5 miles to 25 miles (one way).

bigbenaugust 03-11-11 03:58 PM

9ish miles by car per Google Maps, almost 12mi on the bike.

Record by bike: 40min.
Usual by bike: 45-50min.
The long way by bike: 1h-1h10m (record 57min)
The longer way by bike: 1h15m or so
Various permutations of light rail, train, bus, and bike: 40min and up.
Driving? I haven't driven it more than 4 times in 5 years, so I don't know.

This morning by bike: 1h 50m... because it's Friday, I got kicked out of the house early, and I was messing around.

bones_mcbones 03-11-11 04:06 PM

20mins, 7 kms.

Alfster 03-11-11 04:32 PM

30 minutes going at a leisurely pace to work (on a mountain bike). 20 minutes booting back home where I can have a shower. (10km's each way)

jsharr 03-11-11 04:34 PM

25 minutes or so, 11 miles depending on traffic and route chosen. That is by car. I usually drive our car pool to school and then head to the office.

Keith99 03-11-11 04:37 PM

6.8 miles by the most direct route, and 12 minutes according to google. Which is about right with no traffic.

But I never take the most direct route, either direction.

About 7 miles to work and closer to 8 going home.

15-20 minutes going to work. 15-35 minutes going home. The differeence between leaving the office at 5 minutes to 5 and 5 minutes after 5 is often 15 minutes in the commute.

TexasGuy 03-11-11 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by Bob Ross (Post 12347159)
~40 minutes each direction by bike; 35 minutes each direction by subway.

Do I dare ask how that happens? :p

____asdfghjkl 03-11-11 04:45 PM

By car: 13 minutes
Bike - MUP: 1 hr
Main road: ~30 minutes

black_box 03-11-11 04:56 PM

31 miles one-way if I drove, but that would be an awful commute. So it's ~45 min on the train and ~15 of walking.

noise boy 03-11-11 05:01 PM

9 miles by car about 20-25 minutes depending on how I hit the lights.

About 10 miles by bike, ~45minutes depending on how inspired I am.

fordmanvt 03-11-11 06:51 PM

Used to be 2,640 feet. Now 9 miles by car (over the hill) or 8 miles by bike (follow the river). My worst commute was 14 miles and 20 minutes.

Tude 03-11-11 07:03 PM

2.75 ugly one way miles of fugly heading to the center of the city commute. After many years of different routes - and now my route where I currently live just is on the most main route to downtown --- I said eff it. I got tired of nearly being hit, avoiding being hit, dealing with big freagin jerks who seriously cut me off and/or purposely make my life hazardous on a bicycle riding to work - I quit for this winter. Although I do commute still to stores and other things - it's just the to and from work that I'm sick of.

crackerjab 03-11-11 07:07 PM

The to and from is what I'm sick of too. I'm gonna do my best not to fly anywhere in March. Holding my breath.

MangoPumpkin 03-11-11 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by crackerjab (Post 12348139)
The to and from is what I'm sick of too. I'm gonna do my best not to fly anywhere in March. Holding my breath.

What do you do?

Sixty Fiver 03-11-11 07:35 PM

From my house to my shop... 32 steps... on a good day.

From my house to the co-op... 8 km... it is usually a 20 minute ride (one way).

From my house to the frame shop... 50km... I usually plan on two and a half hours of riding so I can take a mid way coffee break and account for wind.

My ride to the frame shop can be done in well under 2 hours if I don't take a break... once I get out of the city I have 40 km of open road where I can open things up and cruise along in the low 30's on nice days without killing myself.

DX-MAN 03-11-11 08:51 PM

I live 2 miles from work; as soon as the temps go up a bit more, I will shelve the direct route, and start using the 'scenic routes' again. They are anywhere from 4 to 9 miles one way. It'll be fun -- especially since I HATE using the same route over and over again (like I've been doing for about 4 months).

Thursday is looking GOOD!

CbadRider 03-11-11 09:03 PM

Distance from my house to work: 17 miles one way.

Driving takes me about 30 minutes. Riding my hybrid takes about 85 minutes in the morning and 70 minutes for the ride home. It's mostly uphill to work and downhill home.

banerjek 03-12-11 12:47 AM

3 days a week, 22 miles one way. Always on my bike. In the first 45 months I had the job, I never took the car. Since then, I've driven twice (but I "commuted" on my trainer before driving)

2 days a week. 68.5 miles one way. Almost always in the car. On very rare occasion, I take the bike.

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