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Couch 11-15-11 09:20 PM

Have you ever posted in Foo...
...while you were naked?

Trust me, your honest answers are important to me.


Alfster 11-15-11 09:43 PM

define naked.

mikeybikes 11-15-11 09:44 PM

I'm not wearing anything except my socks.

So... not naked.

thompsonpost 11-15-11 09:44 PM

No, but I have when other people were naked.:twitchy:

CbadRider 11-15-11 09:51 PM

Please, no pics.

Big_e 11-15-11 09:54 PM

No but I have stepped into the Ladies of Foo thread whilst unshaven and smelling like a horse. Is that daring enuff?

MillCreek 11-15-11 09:59 PM

Originally Posted by CbadRider (Post 13498073)
Please, no pics.

Meh, you've seen one, you've seen them both.

JonnyHK 11-15-11 10:02 PM

What is this information being used for?

If I know that I might consider answering.

RaleighSport 11-15-11 10:21 PM

boxers while on the trainer a couple times.. but never put it in foo naked.

Captain Blight 11-15-11 10:53 PM

Not yet. Though I'm sitting down in the Small Room with my britches around my ankles right now.

DataJunkie 11-15-11 10:54 PM

Foo<>porn... thank goodness.

Sixty Fiver 11-15-11 10:57 PM

I always make it a point to be naked when I post in foo... which really disturbs the folks at the coffee shop when I use their wifi.

bigbenaugust 11-16-11 12:10 AM

On my honor, I have never posted in Foo naked.

Timber_8 11-16-11 12:19 AM

I'd better just stay out of this thread LOL visuals are a dangerous thing

UmneyDurak 11-16-11 12:41 AM

As a rule I try to post drunk and naked.

gitarzan 11-16-11 02:18 AM

Originally Posted by Couch (Post 13497975)
...while you were naked?

Trust me, your honest answers are important to me.



____asdfghjkl 11-16-11 03:59 AM

i'm always nakid

UnsafeAlpine 11-16-11 07:53 AM

I'm only clothed when I post in Foo.

ModoVincere 11-16-11 08:09 AM

what do you think?

pgoat 11-16-11 08:29 AM

Drunk, yes.

Caffeinated, yes.

naked, no.

SonataInFSharp 11-16-11 08:50 AM

Not naked, simply because I only post during downtime at work, and I can't be naked at work, so.... :(

But if I were to ever post from home for some reason, then, yes, I would be completely naked while posting.

bikebuddha 11-16-11 08:54 AM

Yes but then again I'm often naked.

jsharr 11-16-11 09:09 AM

I am nude under my clothes, so yes, yes I have.

Wordbiker 11-16-11 11:27 AM

Yes, often.

mikeybikes 11-16-11 11:57 AM

Word of advice, laptops can get quite hot. Never place a hot laptop on your bare thighs.

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