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Timber_8 11-22-11 01:34 AM

Rail side tree maintence
Check out this video on YouTube:

I have spent the last few weekends clearing back trees and limbs before the snow starts to fall. I causes problems when I place trains along my rail side

Timber_8 11-22-11 02:36 AM

I filmed this video with my gopro hero and edited in iMovie with my ipad2 laying in bed last night. It wast pretty easy, took longer to upload it in you tube that to edit it

LesterOfPuppets 11-22-11 02:52 AM

What? You have trains? Or do you just get railcars set out there by a railroad from time to time?

I used to work at a yard that offloaded automobiles off of railcars. The had a little loco that had pneumatic tires and rail wheels. You got one of those?

-curios railfan.

Timber_8 11-22-11 05:39 AM

I recive rail cars pretty regularly. The rail road requires 30 feet of clearence to a height of 17 feet

LesterOfPuppets 11-22-11 05:41 AM

Cool. What do you get set out for you? Box cars? Hoppers? Gondolas?

I'm also curious as to whether it's a big rail company or a shortline that's servicing your siding.

There's a shortline serving the rails around here and I'm pretty stoked about that. Local action is good. They just have an old switcher they use to haul stuff up off the BNSF into the heart of Clark County. Mainly fertilizer that they offload onto trucks on a siding they call "Rye".

They also service a couple of places up in Battle Ground. The tracks are also used for a rail excursion business.

Timber_8 11-22-11 06:43 AM

I receive box cars both high and low cube. I inbound from Eastern Canada and across the US. My local line is CSX and the run 2 locomotives in tandom to severice my area. Basically it starts out on a different line and gets handed off as it moves around Canada & the United States. I have the same local guys that service my park, it's nice because I know my train master, the road master, and the engineers.

Artkansas 11-22-11 07:04 PM

And what is in these train cars? Enquiring minds want to know.

overthehillmedi 11-22-11 08:35 PM

stuff, what else, and maybe a bit of air.:D

Artkansas 11-22-11 08:43 PM

My ex taught me that guys have stuff and junk, women have things and necessities.

Timber_8 11-23-11 01:00 AM

Rolls of paper, big rolls up to 7000 lbs

Alfster 11-23-11 05:05 AM

OK, now I understand how you came up with your username.

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