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ooga-booga 11-22-11 02:55 AM

your favorite italian film
l' avventura

8 1/2

la dolce vita

the bicycle thief


umberto m

what others? discuss...

Wordbiker 11-22-11 06:57 AM

Artkansas 11-22-11 07:10 AM

Once Upon A Time in the West
Cinema Paradiso
La Strada
Juliet of the Spirits
My Name is Nobody
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Fellini's Casanova
Life is Beautiful
The Bad Cop Chronicles - Confessions of a Police Captain
Cosmos - War of the Planets

bikebuddha 11-22-11 07:12 AM

Does the Italian Job count? ;P Just kidding. I recently saw Mafioso on Netflix and thought it was very entertaining, but my favorites for sentimental reasons are the Don Camillo films starring Fernandel.

ModoVincere 11-22-11 07:16 AM

Breaking Away....there's some opera and even a bit of Italian language in it.

KShep 11-22-11 09:46 AM

I'll second Artkansas Cinema Paradiso and add il Postino.

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