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fishymamba 11-25-11 11:54 AM

What did you eat for Thanksgiving dinner?
I ate 8 cheese sticks from Costco. Yup that's it.

Lamplight 11-25-11 12:01 PM

I indulged in a forum favorite: CheezIts.

Doohickie 11-25-11 12:42 PM


Originally Posted by fishymamba (Post 13531664)
I ate 8 cheese sticks from Costco. Yup that's it.

Oh, your sack-cloth vest is ready at the cleaners.

bigbenaugust 11-25-11 04:13 PM

No nineteen course gluttony exhibition here, but we kept it traditional:
Turkey (free range, recipe from, carved by me using Alton Brown's instructions, for which I am forever grateful)
Mashed potatoes (requested/demanded by the company, I'd have gone with rice, it's easier)
Whipped cauliflower (mashed potato equivalent for Mrs. A)
Green Beans w/toasted almonds
Other Vegetables: carrots, onion, celery were cooked inside the turkey

Then there was dessert (all SCD-compliant):
Apple Crisp
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin cupcakes
(we have a ton of pumpkin in the house right now... Mrs. A went a little overboard with the 'pumpkins as decoration' theme, and we have to do SOMETHING with them...)

We also had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.

Lamplight 11-25-11 04:29 PM

^^It's no CheezIts, but it'll do.

*opens cabinets and fridge and weeps bitterly*

Big_e 11-25-11 06:02 PM

It was just me this year (suprisingly) so a whole roasted lemon-garlic hen (from Kroger of course), baked potatoe and a pecan pie with ice cream.

HardyWeinberg 11-25-11 06:40 PM

I have always had a firm take-your-own-damn-crusts-off-if-you-don't-want-them policy w/ the kids' lunches, but the last couple weeks I've just been saving them all to make stuffing. So last weekend I bought a stewing chicken, made stock, yesterday toasted the crusts and added some other stuff and then that chicken stock and baked it up into stuffing. In the past I've gone bonkers w/ sausage, oyster, or both in the stuffing. This was very satisfying, and made the kids happier w/ their sandwiches at school in the meantime.

midschool22 11-25-11 07:49 PM

mattk42 11-25-11 11:18 PM

Turkey, cranberry-blueberry sauce, sweet potatoes and marshmallows, and some pumpkin pie for dessert. Then I had a turkey sandwich for lunch today with the cranberry sauce and some sweet potatoes and pan fried it with our Thanksgiving tradition sweet-butter (which came from one year when my brother let the whipping cream go a little too long in the mixer.)

gitarzan 11-25-11 11:19 PM

Usual TG day fare. Since both my parents and both my in laws died over the last year and a half, my wife and I went to a restaurant for a very deluxe buffet. Very nice except we could not take care packages home.

DataJunkie 11-25-11 11:22 PM

Morningstar chik patties, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, carbonated apple cider, cranberries, blueberry pie with full fat real whip cream, and an IPA.
We ran a 5k in the morning and had no desire to cook too much food.

UmneyDurak 11-26-11 01:08 AM

Turkey and mashed potatoes. GF cooked, it was delicious.

mechBgon 11-26-11 01:19 AM

Yams and pizza! :) Oh, and chocolate milk.

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