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MillCreek 11-26-11 09:12 AM

Rattling noise from Dyson vacuum
I have had a Dyson DC14 Animal vacuum for about six years now. Recently, it has begun making a terrible rattling noise from the brush head area. The noise is only present when the brush is rotating and occurs regardless of using it on carpet or hard flooring. I have taken things apart several times, seen no obvious problems and reassembled it. I have Googled this and seen it is a common problem. I have done the online recommended fixes: I bought a new brushroll (did not solve the problem), made sure there are no loose parts, hair clogs or blockages (did not solve the problem), replaced the belt (did not solve the problem) removed the endcaps from the brushroll and sprayed with it Teflon lube (did not solve the problem).

Does anyone have this problem or know of a solution? I really like the Dyson vacuum but this noise is driving me nuts.

scottogo 11-26-11 10:37 AM

Did you try here?

MillCreek 11-26-11 12:38 PM

^^^ Now that was interesting, thanks. I have done some more Googling, and the UK websites say this is a symptom of the clutch going out, and the clutch needs to be replaced, if the other steps have not worked. I am now looking for a clutch unit; Amazon sells one, but it is not listed as fitting my specific model. So I am continuing to search.

scottogo 11-26-11 03:10 PM

another page on the forum:

repairmydyson forum:

youtube Dyson repair:

You probably are aware of the following but just in case:


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