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CbadRider 02-21-12 10:33 AM

It's Mardi Gras!
Get out your beads!

Allen 02-21-12 11:08 AM

Timber_8 02-21-12 11:48 AM

Hopefully we will have some fresh Joey bike videos this year, he does some of my favorite

FunkyStickman 02-21-12 11:55 AM

Yeah, been doing Mardi Gras for almost 40 years... I've seen pretty much everything. I'm sitting it out this year. Just went for a bike ride instead of going to work! LOL

cradom 02-21-12 04:15 PM

Live feed of Bourbon St. Could be interesting?

spry 02-21-12 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by cradom (Post 13880731)
Live feed of Bourbon St. Could be interesting?

Yes indeed:thumb:
Am I supposed to mail her the beads?

c0urt 02-22-12 12:59 AM

The mardi gras parade was today,

I cut through the head of the parade, at highland. Traffic was blocked off to cars with more than 12 police cars for two blocks, and they all their strobes on. (so i rode a bike through two blocks of cop strobes)

So I ended up missing the parade because I was unconscious

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