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Nick Bain 02-29-12 12:04 PM

Icy finger of death!


jsharr 02-29-12 12:15 PM

is that how dairy queen makes the star kiss bar?

CbadRider 02-29-12 02:45 PM

That is neat.

I like how the time lapse makes the starfish and anemonies look like they're dancing.

Crazydad 02-29-12 03:09 PM

That is one of the coolest (or coldest?) things I have seen.

RubenX 03-04-12 05:18 AM

That's SO COOL! (no pun intended?)

Daspydyr 03-04-12 11:08 AM

Enjoyed that, life can have brutal surprises.

Captain Blight 03-06-12 09:11 PM

Science is totally beeyotchin'

Siu Blue Wind 03-06-12 09:31 PM

Amazing world we live in. And to think we take it all for granted...

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