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mymojo 03-06-12 11:38 PM

Beavis & Butthead
Is it just me or does Butthead look suspiciously like Lance?

spry 03-07-12 04:05 PM

You can't say that in here.
Some people here would eat poop if Lance requested it and please do not post in the Racing forum.

jsharr 03-07-12 04:47 PM

can't tell, as that is all above the waist.

trsidn 03-07-12 04:53 PM

I just noticed beavis looks just like Art Garfunkel...

jsharr 03-07-12 04:58 PM

One of those is a spitting image for ahsposo.

ahsposo 03-07-12 05:22 PM

Actually I have Beavis's eyes with Buttheads mouth and receding jaw.

My ears are larger and more prominent than either and my hairline has moved back to the point.

wfin2004 03-11-12 03:13 PM

what is a beavis? Seriously, any human that ever existed and watched those two moronic buffoons needs to go to the Dark Side of the Moon.


ahsposo 03-11-12 03:19 PM

^^Thank You for your comment.

wfin2004 03-11-12 04:08 PM

You're more than welcome. Now go watch some B & B

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