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rumrunn6 03-16-12 12:54 PM

anyone else drinking at work today?
maybe the new job isn't so bad after all ... *hickup!*:beer:

Artkansas 03-16-12 12:55 PM

Just sparkling water.

whitefiretiger 03-16-12 12:59 PM

energy drink coming threw the door and water sense. i dont mind tho i dont drink.

dcrowell 03-16-12 01:30 PM

Just coffee and water. My previous job allowed some drinking, but it wasn't worth the other crap.

CbadRider 03-16-12 01:52 PM

Earl Gray tea earlier and now water. It would be nice to have those little airline liquor bottles in the work vending machines. That would make some days go by a lot faster.

no motor? 03-16-12 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by dcrowell (Post 13979995)
Just coffee and water.

That's enough here.

Artkansas 03-16-12 06:31 PM

One place I worked at, the day before Christmas would break out the laboratory-grade 200-proof ethanol and let you mix it to taste with the orange juice you bought from the catering truck.

ahsposo 03-16-12 07:16 PM

I'm always working.

I drink a lot too.

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