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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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The Three Word Game as a story

A now banned member had the idea he could enlist foo in writing a story for him three words at a time.

It became obvious fairly early on that foo had other ideas.

Here is the Three Word Game thread through page 16:


Three word game ...

There have a interesting games everyone can do that.;)
You have to continue the story using just three words:

Once upon a .... time, there was a thread that should have been posted in foo.

sorry, more than 3 words

posts made sense then I joined.

Thrift store bike Not going well It was Schwinn Short attention spans abound around here.

(Here's the OP trying to get control of his thread) may be like this,

once a upon,a time there was a man who liked licking stamps.His forte

(Here's the OP again trying to put the spurs to us)

go on guys......waiting a long and interesting story

(Next poster picks and quotes: stamps.His forte)

acres, out back... aches in front and dies finally.

Whereupon his wife plants six trees which all died.

(Here's the OP again - he has know idea how to control this thing. It's not going like he wants it to.)

why are you ....

why not thought a meaningful story

(Gitarzan) the, ummm, the

third agency is My feet hurt , my head stinks, and stink too.

(ahsposo has to stick his comments in here)

I don't think

this thread is

evolving quite like

the OP intended.

(Gitarzan) No ****ing ****!

(ahsposo) Nice bleeping effect

(back to the game)

or affect,I... ...well, thawed out thawed, or frozen? let's try again.

There! It's dragon! ... and a panda! On a dark... skinned woman I knew back when , I laid my crossbow on the soft skin of A stinky possum. The possum was playing possum and

being crushed, marinated in its own Stinky, rotten entrails it's so tasty! It reminded me So I cooked my own toes and jammed with an air guitar to my Jimi Lee album that I

stole from a blind beggar.

The sheriff said " You are under the influence of love and we can't abide that. because Love Stinks . I will however lay here on a $50 bet that you will once again become the

loser of. hair, keyring, and his girl friend who eats lots of big burgers but can't mention home. It's too hard with all the hungry rats Gnawing at his Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice And then the cold wind found his hot horny toad in the whirlpool tub pouring a tall glass ...Ugh! of chlorine and Gentleman Jack. Suddenly!, his motorbike ,a cheap

rice-burner, became a hippo bent on the surreal idea that dragging the man would be fun!

In the meantime hippo mean time two deaf monkeys , two blind monkeys and two mute cute girl scouts out of cookies killed a possum and that rhino that donated his horn, so that the Girl Scout could make an afrodisiac to enhance her sweet daddy's English breakfast tea At which point the London Philharmonic started counting the pimples on her Sweet, sweet kneecaps and bottle caps for a collection of things that refuse to explode. But out of Africa" by Dinesen a critically panned performance by Cher that fans loved to move air around in the big concert hall. Beginning a new but truly awful waffle batter we bake in steamy bacon's teeming savor and stuff our shopping bag full ,while warily eyeing, pickled pigs feet on the shelf, alongside the crackers, above the ******* ,pale, stale and reeking of old blue haired ladies used Depends. Later, when the last song was playing, and all the little blue-haired ladies called out, "Ahsposo!" because he's cute-r than a hairless cat's bunghole but better smelling than my lips. Lips so scabrous a leper wouldn't have lept over the tiny bacteria viruses and prions.

Soon, three carbuncles and tiny lawyers ,all the same, The lawyers won. But the lawttery , with their new "I win, you are now mine shafted again but still not satisfied."

That the scabies should return so elegantly, yet nastily

(at this point the OP rejoins the thread apparently desperate to control the narrative. He posts three times in a row)

new topic again Christmas is coming i'm plan to

(ahsposo) assassinate Santa Claus (DX-MAN) with my sah-ward (mconlonx) irregardless of elves (Shifty) grabbing my dangling (ahsposo) festive wreath made

(here comes the OP again in a last frantic attempt to make us play nice. For some unknown reason he is banned after these final words)

(yifeng vivi) i want buy a gift to mayself (those words are the last from the OP)

to post multiple writhing squealing dopplegangers because thread control gets OP banned.

Banned or branded probably branded but banned for sure.

But Puppets are surrogates for our pseudo characters who our subconscious illuminates manical perverted episodes below tainted manginas or some disturbing mix of fruitcake Or schweddy balls that fail the sweaty foot smell and flavor standard we've come to expect from our imperious leader's factory hidden from view in a Taepodong missle launching facility where wienerschnitzel was being fried for the new leader apples and oranges, his craven motto, "Wine Me! Dine in the nude with the worst looking broad EVAR matching his haircut to his pubes full microscopic glory for all to find totally repellant or reslendant as a butterfly's underwing. Moving along, they crept in the usual fashion, slowly with rancid molasses Barry lit up causing a funky purple haze all along the watchtower where manly men scared the sheep.

And ate pizza.

And farted loudly.

And very proudly.

Hey, they're guys!

who steal bikes and gives them away to students fretfully protesting something not something political but more anatomical.

It's Occupy Barbie!

Ken just smiles and adjusts his big old cup knowing that Barbie was watching him.

GIJoe, slowly raised his butt to...provide a target for Ken to rear his ugly plastic posterior provocatively, then quickly put it all away.

Meanwhile in upper northern Michigan thumb, three big lumberjacks, lonely and bereft imagined their wood was more valuable than Barbie's hair While they drank English Breakfast Tea. singing songs of total global domination by puppies armed with squeaky toys and A Mission that seems impossible.

Impossible! Not in Mission Viego where nobody dares to even scratch a alter challis with my zombie bullets.

The Priest held the little boy firmly by his clean white surplice as he rotated his God-given imperitive to cotton candy to killing cats my favorite activity after dining on little baby toes and succulent sweet wet puppy nose licking buggers happily but never boogers.

Then the zombies waving lovely bouguets of Cholla Cactus invoking acceptance of Jsharr's bass habit raised his rod which they ate in honor of Barbie's big old barmitzvah/fish fry and canker sore.

Now that the meal was done belts were undone and hands were wrapped tightly in Hello Kitty manacles the fun was about to begin as Barbie removed flies from the inside Ken's ears and put them near the pet bullfrogs who quickly began to salivate while Ken licked Barbie's big plastic horny toads cousin shaped water toys. Which drove Barbie to the levy but the levy broke during the storm And Barbie's Chevy ran Ken over when it slid into first gear roaring to life transformed into a steel sex toy ready for adventure at Disney World with Mickey's bouncy best friend Minny and ate cheese logs with nuts while Goofy drooled into a plate of clam linguine and lamb eyes.

Stunned, looking for his contact lens in the clam sauce, Goofy said,"Ahuyuck, ahuyuck, ahuyuck!"

"it's looking at halfway between Barbire's Corvette and her worthless boyfriend Ken and his Glock.

He said "Avon calling for real women with skin" So he shot the Corvette tires full of Jello like...............Barbies............lips and her hips. Hips like petrocarbon-formed look great, but were so cold that my tongue clung to my memory of Barbie dressed in hippie dippy hot pants, bike helmet and pink lace neglige, dressed to kill any red blooded Corvette Luvin' GI-Joe cheap look alike.

Made in China.

(page 16 post #381)
3ALARMER IN 2020 !
...............................................Put 'em all in Texas.
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Thanks. Now I don't have to waste hours reading the original thread in its entirety.
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