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Old 07-31-12, 02:26 PM   #1
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Got any tea drinkers here?

I feel the need to ween myself off of soda. Yet, I can barely stand the taste of plain water. So I thought I'd give tea a shot.

Looking for recommendations on what tastes good cold, or hot, or preferably both if possible.
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Hot tea: Earl Gray
Iced tea: Tetley or Luzianne<--the better of the two. The trick here is to put a pinch of baking soda in the pitcher (preferably while it is still hot). This will smooth out the tannins and make the tea silky. Also a sprig of fresh mint in the glass along with the lemon wedge is the traditional garnish. Seventh generation Georgian; I know my iced tea.

If you have a clear glass pitcher or quite large masson jar then sun brew your tea. Add the baking soda when the tea is the color you like.
If you don't have time to sun brew or boil a gallon of water making a concentrate in the microwave and then diluting it in the pitcher is an acceptable brewing method. Add the sugar to the concentrate while it is still hot, and then dilute it.

For true Southern tea the correct amount of sugar is not determined by taste but by viscosity. I'm a bit odd in that respect, I like just enough sugar to change the taste and no more.

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Hot tea, earl grey with milk and sugar.
Cold tea,
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jon c. 
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Big fan of green tea myself. Something called Snow on the Pines that I get from Plymouth Tea Co. (on-line) is my favorite.
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Sweeteners and cream are for people who don't like the taste of tea. The occasional drop of honey is acceptable... only occasionally.

I like to brew with loose tea most often. I keep infusers at home and a press at work. Assam is my go-to tea. I pick up blends from time to time and use a good bit of gunpowder tea as well.

If I'm in a hurry and use bags, for hot I use Twinings English Breakfast. Tetley's is ok... I'll use it if I have to. PG Tips is garbage. I keep a supply of Bigelow green teas around too if I'm feeling like something lighter. Their fruit (pomegranate, acai, orange) green teas also work fairly well in cold water. If I'm feeling lazy, I'll drop one in a cup of water from the work water cooler. It'll take a bit longer to steep than usual, but it works.

Do not use a cup that has had coffee in it for tea. It will taint the flavors of your tea. Blech.
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English Breakfast, once in a while, but I am normally a coffee man.
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Search around till you find a loose green tea that YOU like. I'm hooked on it and drink anywhere from 2 to 10 cups/day.

I also drink a loose orange pekoe and PG Tips bags for variety.
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Earl Grey hot, black. For iced tea I use Lipton bags because I'm not terribly picky. I tried the baking soda as suggested above and it really makes a difference in the tea. If you add too much, though, the tea feels sort of slimy.

And never mistakenly use baking powder instead of baking soda.
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Pete In Az
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For iced tea, Red Zinger.

Hot tea, Chamomile or Bengal Spice.

And, as stated above, a bit of honey now and then is nice.
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on by
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Iced: I could drink it all day long in summer, with lemon and sweetened just a little. About 9-10 bags (El Cheapo @ Aldi's) per 2 qts water steeped for ~10 min.
Hot tea
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Hot tea at Breakfast: Twinings English Breakfast (as it's what the canteen has)
Rest of the day: Twinings Everyday tea (my favorite)

Here's the perfect way to make a cup of tea according to University of Northumbria's School of Life Sciences team.
- Put the bag in the mug
- Pour in boiling water (never reboil water as it reduces the amount of oxygen in the water and will result in a flat brew),
- wait 2 minutes and remove tea bag
- add cold milk. The milk apparently replaces the wood and grassy flavours with toffee and vanilla.
- wait 6 minutes until it's 60C.
- drink it before it reaches 45C (17minutes 30 seconds).
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I love tea drink it hot almost everyday.

BUT there is nothing like water to quench your thirst. It is all in your head about the bad taste of water.
The next real hot day, do some hard excercise,,even bike riding close to your house, leave a pitcher of tea and a picture of ice cold water. When you need a drink,,try both,,I guarantee the cold water is gonna quench your thirst better than the tea and taste good.

My son who hasnt drank water for years cause of the taste, started an intense exercise program (PX90) I see him with a bottle of water now in his hand always.
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