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fuzzbox 09-30-12 09:34 PM

Just an FYI to you consumers.
If you ever have to take a survey for a representative of a company, whether it is at a store, over the phone, online, etc. and you give them a bad rating/score/whatever, it doesn't really do anything for the company just the employee on most cases. If the person was awful/rude/stupid, rate them as you like but if they do everything they can do under the companies policy/regulations/rules/etc. and you are just butt hurt about it because they couldn't fully help you and get you what you want, don't bash the employee assisting you. Give a poor rating for the company. Seriously. Thanks to some person I just got f-d out of about $250. . . I got bills to pay too. Words cannot describe my anger and there isn't anything I can do about it.


skiahh 09-30-12 09:40 PM

Start looking for a better company?

fuzzbox 09-30-12 10:04 PM

I have 3 months left. I thought about it but it is easier to stay since it's good pay until this happens. But seriously people need to stop being so ridiculous.

RubenX 09-30-12 10:12 PM

Did you pole the customer with that pointy finger? I would complain about that.

Blinkie 10-01-12 10:11 PM

I understand what you mean, Fuzzbox. I see it too frequently. I've had to deal with customer complaints about a cashier who forgot to ask for a last-second item, and also didn't care to find out our return policy before she made a large purchase she almost immediately regretted. Her issue was nothing to do with the cashier, but her dissatisfaction with the business's policies related to returns, and 'reviewing' purchases over the phone, without the receipt. Fortunately in this case, it didn't cost anyone anything but time.

SingingSabre 10-01-12 11:09 PM


Wordbiker 10-02-12 07:19 AM

I got help from Verizon's tech support yesterday with my network extender. It was purchased refurbished from another vendor, yet they still helped me out and got it working. I made sure to give an outstanding rating specifically for the agent.

jsharr 10-02-12 07:39 AM

Sadly, we are selfish creatures of emotion, not reason at many times, esp. times of stress, like when things are not working like WE want them to work. Negative word of mouth goes out farther and faster than positive word of mouth. Sadly, the first point of contact is going to receive the blame or praise at any organization. Do not know why so many company's put the least trained people out front and only escalate as needed. Seems a map doomed to failure to me and I am not looking at this from an economic standpoint either, and realize that.

Sorry that you got negative feedback that affected you financially Fuzzy.

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