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windhchaser 10-01-12 07:01 PM

pic of my dragon

Uploaded with

spry 10-01-12 07:05 PM

Mean nasty looking little creature.
Don't fall asleep and let that thing get a hold of your tallywacker.

windhchaser 10-01-12 07:07 PM

there very docile . ya should see a adult. when its mad they look scary as hell then

Couch 10-01-12 07:26 PM

What a cute little baby!


willmw 10-02-12 06:33 AM

Do you regularly just whip your dragon out for the world to see?

Hendricks97 10-02-12 08:20 AM

We had one of those years ago that ended up dying of old age. I dont think he moved for the final 2 years of his life. He would wait till the crickets came right in front of him before he would eat them. My son used to love to walk around with him clinging to his shirt

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