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windhchaser 12-06-12 06:07 PM

i hate microwaves
I mean wth they can make the plate 300000f degree while the food is still ice cold.i hate them there ok for reheating something

skijor 12-06-12 06:31 PM

Me too. Isn't there anything faster? :p

windhchaser 12-06-12 06:33 PM


____asdfghjkl 12-06-12 07:56 PM

I use the sun.

waldowales 12-06-12 08:04 PM

Not all plates are that way. Try different ones.

eschlwc 12-07-12 06:51 AM

don quixote had windmills, you have microwaves.

i think if your imaginary enemy isn't a person, you're in good shape.

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