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Before I start at my new company. It feels great! But I do feel a bit of pity for the new guy, (I know who my replacement is). For one the benefits suck big time. Crappy medical coverage & the company does not contribute to the 401K plan, of course they do not tell you this until they hire you as one of their own, (you start out working there through a employment temp. service for the first 520 hours).

The director of operations for the company I currently work for also has some what I call disagreeable criteria for hiring someone. Here is a list:
1. If any part of the application is not filled out the person is not even considered. I don't understand this. People make mistakes & accidently forget to fill something in from time to time. But he will not give that person the benefit of the doubt & wants it to be perfect the first time. His reasoning is if they can't follow simple instructions on something as simple as a job app. then they will have a hard time following instructions on the job. I don't agree with this. And it makes me wonder how many well qualified applicants got passed over because they didn't fill something in on the app. And this could be something as simple as not putting the date on the app.

2. If the person has "bounced" from job to job they are not considered, regardless of the reasons. For example: Let's say a person has had 3 or 4 jobs in the past 4 years they get passed over. He will not listen to the reasons the person has gone from job to job. And they could be perfectly understandable & legitimate reasons.

3. Whom ever is hired will now get paid less then what I did when I started. Especially if that person does not have a college education. Guess I'm lucky that I do. How ever a college education is definatley not required to do this job.

4. Once the person is hired they eventually are required to do these product self study courses on some of the products the company sells. This is no big deal but the company wants the employee to do these self study courses at home on his or her own time & not get paid for it. I flat out told my boss that I will not do that. I will how ever do them at home & get paid overtime for it. He would not go for that so we settled on me doing it at work during company time when I had down time. I got 2 out of the 4 completed. And the week before I gave my notice I received my completion certificate.

Like I said I feel sorry for the new guy & for those that got passed over because of the questionable hiring criteria.
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5) And you have to use the new cover for the TPS reports.

Seriously, though, congratulations on the new job!
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more ape than man
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Originally Posted by teadoggg
5) And you have to use the new cover for the TPS reports.
hehe. perfect reponse!

that sounds like a crappy job, and the boss sounds like a worm. good that you're out of there. feel sorry for the new guy though.
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You need a new bike
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Numbers 1 and 2 are common. Not doublechecking an application for completeness is like having spelling errors on your resume. If a person looking for a job will not take the utmost care to fill in the application and doublecheck it, then how good a job can you expect them to do once hired? The company only has the application and interview to assess a person's competance.

A person who bounces from job to job is unlikely to stay very long. Everyone in this position will come in with a good story for why they have had so many jobs. Unfortunately, past employers usually won't disclose why you left so a prospective employer may not be able to confirm the explanation. Unless the employer is looking for short term employees, its a risk to train someone who is probably going to bail after a year.

Pay issues, number 3, is at the sole discretion of the employer. Whoever they hire may be pleased to receive the pay they offer, depending on their qualifications. If they can't attract a qualified person at the lower pay rate, then they may raise the offer.

Item 4 may be contrary to state law depending on the job classification. For an hourly employee, or low level salaried, the law may require pay for all work, including training.
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Rock on bro.

I've got one week left at my current job also, before I move.

Schweet! Congrats.

Sucks to be that new guy, eh' ?

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