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PhilipCohen 12-11-12 02:37 PM

Shill Bidding Fraud on eBay: Case Study #5
The ugly reality for consumers dealing with the eBafia/PreyPal complex ...
“Shill Bidding Fraud on eBay: Case Study #5” ...

chris..... 12-11-12 02:54 PM

I suspected this was happening. Some of the stuff I bid on would go to the exact same price as the buy it now price and then be relisted minutes later.

GP 12-11-12 02:57 PM

Originally Posted by PhilipCohen (Post 15039229)
The ugly reality for consumers dealing with the eBafia/PreyPal complex ...

The easy solution is to shop elsewhere.

AnthonyG 12-11-12 03:37 PM

Was there ANY real information in the drivel that was linked to? I tried reading it but it was all nonsensical opinion as far as I could see with the claim that eBay is covering it up.

I watch a lot of auctions on eBay that go for FAR less than they should. I suspect that someone who has been buying stuff for peanuts for years when all of a sudden faced with auctions going for decent prices simply shouts "SHILL".:rolleyes:

Simple strategy as a bidder. Don't bid more than the item is worth and more than you are prepared to pay.

Prices swing both ways. As a seller I used to post a "buy it now" price and a lower opening bid. On a number of occasions someone would start the auction at the lower price and by the end the price would exceed my "buy it now" price. Cool. Such is life.


spry 12-11-12 05:49 PM

What is it with women and expensive purses?

bjtesch 12-11-12 11:18 PM

I've seen this happen a lot in the past, and it was obvious what was happening but buyers in our group didn't care. The companies that did this would start an item at a very low price, then near the end bid it up to about $90. These were items that would normally sell for around $100 so it didn't matter to us, we could still buy the items at better prices than anywhere else. All the sellers did was to reduce their listing fees and insure that one of their items didn't accidentally go for a lower than market price.

If a seller is using shill bidding to bid items up to prices that are too high then just consider that this seller doesn't exist and ignore their auctions.

skiahh 12-13-12 02:08 AM

And this is a surprise why?

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