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gonesh9 02-11-05 01:52 PM

Cool random pics
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Here's a few shots of a Portland sunrise from a few weeks ago, Mt. Hood in the background:

gonesh9 02-11-05 01:54 PM

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And here's some of what I do for a living...I help design curtainwall, which is the entire exterior wall of high-rise buildings. The first is a work in progress at 505 5th Ave. in New York, the second is the recently completed Taishin Bank Tower in Korea.

Stretch 02-11-05 02:31 PM

Wow, great pics. Make 'em bigger!

DXchulo 02-11-05 02:31 PM

Very cool indeed.

gonesh9 02-11-05 03:23 PM

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Here's a few of trails up the side of Mt. St. Helens:

gonesh9 02-11-05 03:26 PM

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My friend mike sillouetted on Mt. Hood, and me dropping at Mt. Bachelor:

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