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phantomcow2 02-11-05 08:04 PM

A person i know is a doctor and he thinks im crazy becuase i dont use mainstream antibiotics for medical things, i use homeopathy. He says homeopathy is total crap but i disagree, ive been using it all my life and i swear by it. Does anybody else use this stuff? Most folks i mention it to outside of my family have not heard of it.

lotek 02-11-05 08:26 PM

I do. I really got into Homeopathy when I was living in South Africa.
Its very big down there (no, not witchdoctors, ok.) all of the pharmacies
have a large homeopathy section. I also found it very accepted in both
Germany and Austria (at least in Wein).

MsVicki 02-11-05 09:20 PM

My mom has a "healing center" in east Texas and swears by homeopathy. She is also into reiki. Know anything about that?

phantomcow2 02-11-05 09:25 PM

It just seems to be up here most doctors say its all in my head and would rather me buy a 35 dollar prescription rather than a 10 dollar bottle of a homeopathic thing.

phantomcow2 02-11-05 09:35 PM

thats what i do, my parents raised me on homeopathy so now i take antibiotics if and only if i am in dire pain and its crucial. I tried explaining this to my school nurse and she looks at me like im a warlock

phantomcow2 02-11-05 09:41 PM

me either, they seem to work. Its getting more popular, its been around for 200 years, so it must be doing something right. What really surprised me was seeing oscillocicinum (close to that spelling) with its own box at the cash register at Hannaford.

phantomcow2 02-11-05 09:49 PM

not helpful, perhaps you will find a chinese speaking individual. I know my aunt uses homeopathy and some exotic healing methods, also a tincture which i thought was pretty cool.

randya 02-11-05 09:56 PM

Homeopathics worked a lot better than steroids and antibiotics for a persistent sinus infection it took me a long time to get rid of.

steveknight 02-12-05 02:34 AM

Originally Posted by lauren
I want to learn more about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) next. The library has an extensive collection, all in Chinese :((.

I studied chinese herbs long ago. only to find it is extreamly complex. though I did find a simple thing to really control arthritis. my mom could hardly walk when I experimented on her (G) after a few months she could hardly tell she had it. plus the longer she took the drink the less she needed and the better it worked.
the barefoot's doctors manual is a good place to start.

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