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Gus Riley 02-13-05 09:45 AM

Happy Birthday Gus!
I made it! 50 Years old! WOW! It's raining and cold out, at this advanced age should I temp fate and take a ride? I may catch my death of cold! Heck yeah, here I go! :D People 'round here are going to know for sure that I "is" nuts! :D

MsVicki 02-13-05 09:55 AM

Yes, happy birthday, Gus. And enjoy that rainy ride!

:bday: :bday: :bday:

Moonshot 02-13-05 09:59 AM

Happy Birthday, Gus! :bday:

Beer's on you today? :beer:

blwyn 02-13-05 12:03 PM

You're too young to be 50! Happy, Happy!

Gus Riley 02-13-05 12:07 PM

BRRRRRRR!! Two miles! WOOHOO! Cold, wet, bike's was worth it! Nap time! :D

Louis 02-13-05 12:50 PM

Everyone to Gus' house...FREE BEER! :beer:

Happy Birthday Gus :bday:

Gus Riley 02-13-05 01:39 PM

Originally Posted by Louis
Everyone to Gus' house...FREE BEER! :beer:

Happy Birthday Gus :bday:

After my nap, please! Thanks for the good BD wishes!! :D

AdrianB 02-13-05 10:15 PM

Happy Valentines day too... well, it's VD down here. :))

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