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Portis 02-15-05 07:21 PM

Cellophaned Car
Man i was having a horrible ride today. Not one, not two, nor three but FOUR dogs gave chase today. Add in a very strong North wind and the fact that i was worn out from a weekend of home improvements and i was having a pretty awful ride until....

About 1 mile from home i went by our high school. Two high school girls were desperately trying to figure out how to get in their Chevy Blazer. Someone had wrapped cellophane around the doors and up and over and then under the vehicle about 4000 times. IOW, the vehicle was cellphaned shut. It was comical as one girl would take a run at the vehicle and then jump up trying to tear it from the top or something. It was sort of like watching a bird repeatedly fly into a window pane.

Not only was it comical, but it is still appealing watching high school girls jump up and down, even at my age. (i am perverted.) :p

MsVicki 02-15-05 07:51 PM

I wonder how they ever got into the Blazer. :roflmao:

(See how nice I am? I am not even commenting on you being a perv! :D )

megaman 02-15-05 07:55 PM

One of my wife's coworkers did that to a pickup. It took the guy quite a while to get into it.

livestrong91 02-15-05 07:59 PM


slvoid 02-15-05 10:27 PM

I always have a Gerber or leatherman multitool...

Stacey 02-16-05 06:26 AM


Originally Posted by slvoid
I always have a Gerber or leatherman multitool...

My thoughts exactly.

Portis 02-16-05 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by SuperTrooper
What were the chics wearing?

Greetings, fellow perv. Well they were wearing the normal teen stuff these days. You know, the stuff that i will never let my daughter wear when she grows up. Somewhere i missed the fashion memo that butt cracks aren't just for plumbers anymore.

trekkie820 02-16-05 12:13 PM

I would have fallen over laughing, and made sure that the girls saw me do it. That is too funny. A few times, when having to work the early morning weekend shifts, I have seen cars shrink wrapped in Saran Wrap, just knowing that someone is about to have a worse morning than me.

megaman 02-16-05 01:52 PM

I never heard of saran wrapping a vehicle until a few years ago.
About twenty years ago, a guy I worked with didn't want to be late for work. So he slept in his car at work. We tied ropes through his door handles and around his car. He had to crawl out his window to get out. It was absolutely hilarious!

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