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hi565 02-16-05 06:16 PM

I Need Computer Help!
I recently am trying to do things like wath online movies for this drumking website and i have done it forever and recently it stopped working! it says that i have disabled ActiveX thing, and nothing works right, the movie wont show and everytime i try to go to places it says it wont show the same way. I need someone who nows what they are doing, to me how to activate ActiveX so i can do thing again!

P.S. I have windows Xp home editon, and i have service pack 2


hi565 02-16-05 06:23 PM

Please Please Please Please Please Please

hi565 02-16-05 06:39 PM

What happened was, my friend had one of those away message viruses and i didnt know, stupidlky (not usually like me) i pressed on it, and i turned off the protecting virus thing.(not ever like me! ever!) so i guess i shut off activex and some protection, not really sure why, so now im trying to just put it back the way it was. PLease Help me.

I have had a bad virus problem, had a guy come fixed it, too the guy 6 hours, i dont want something like that to happen so please tell me how to just put it back, and put active x back on.


MsVicki 02-16-05 06:54 PM

If you have Windows XP, can't you just do that thing where you take the computer back to an earlier date?

Btw, when I had a trojan horse recently that I absolutely could NOT get rid of, I downloaded Hijack This and it cleaned the computer right up of trojans, adware and spyware, etc.

Good luck, kiddo!

hi565 02-16-05 07:04 PM

wait whats this go back in time feature?

jeff williams 02-16-05 07:48 PM

scanreg and use a previous registry backup.
You have to enter the black land of DOS commands.

Try this:type in dxdiag in 'run', this should bring up the control pannel for active X I think.

If not, scanreg is executed in DOS, use restart in DOS, type scanreg after the cursor. hit enter,
follow prompt untill it says do you want to select a previous backup? select earlier one, hit enter and the computer will go back into the win op sys.

I have no idea if this is still in windows op (these DOS commands).

Tin Man 02-16-05 08:08 PM

SP2 disables activeX as a security measure you can go into IE settings with an open IE browser> tools > Internet Properties> Security then into custom levels or through Control Panel, set the activeX to your needs. No need to restore the prior settings.

ultra-g 02-16-05 08:21 PM

I hate when random sh*t like that happens. If TinMan's solution doesn't work, try downloading the movies to your PC and just watching from Windows Media Player.

MadMan2k 02-16-05 09:40 PM

System Restore might be want you want, if re-enabling ActiveX seems to have no effect.

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

If that doesn't help you, it'd be a good idea to run a virus scan (Norton is pretty good), as well as some spyware/adware cleanup:

AdrianB 02-17-05 12:44 AM

Hi565, if it's just an ActiveX control - rather than enabling them and risking all sorts of nasties - why not add 'drumking' to your list of trusted sites? Then ensure your trusted sites allow ActiveX controls.

You can find all this in Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, Security.

Good luck!

hi565 02-17-05 01:54 PM

Its nott aht easy, when ActiveX is disabled, viruses can run your comp. its, it was a typo

And thanks to every one, i have it all under control, i did a system back up and its all back to normal.


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