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jeff williams 02-18-05 10:08 PM

I'm mad, NASA is full of it.
Remember all that early 90's b.s about experiments in space to make 0-gravity ball bearings that were to be perfectly spherical..well....

I need new balls! BETTER ONES!

Lets drop the funding UNTIL we get perfectly spherical space balls for our bikes.

I don't care how many billions they want to spend on Uranus probings...
-forget it -untill I get my perfectly round spheres.

Liars, space charlatans, Con-Sat Angels.

What's eating YOU.
Got any beefs?
Talk trash to the stars.
Go ahead.

randya 02-18-05 10:18 PM

Sounds like a business opportunity to me. Can't you get space on one of those private rockets? Raise the money on the stock market?

KrisPistofferson 02-18-05 10:20 PM

Two words. Flatproof tires.

jeff williams 02-18-05 10:44 PM

CF nano-tubing AND nano-robots that spin CF like silkworms, repairing stress fractures while I sleep...ZZzzzzzz....

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