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kf5nd 02-19-05 10:22 PM

Go see


Guest 02-19-05 10:35 PM

I'm afraid.

Hold me, mommy...

:D :lol:


Karldar 02-19-05 11:24 PM


Raiyn 02-20-05 01:06 AM


Originally Posted by kf5nd
Go see



Dnvr? :eek:

slvoid 02-20-05 01:33 AM

I'm speechless...

PhattTyre 02-20-05 02:18 AM

A Y-bike.. eewwwwwww

deathintransit 02-20-05 03:26 AM

Hot Hot Hot.

royalflash 02-20-05 06:11 AM

"It is inevitable if you ride a bicycle for any amount of time, you will fly over the handlebars whether you want to or not. BikerFox has broken his right shoulder and elbow several times..." BikerFox watch out

KrisPistofferson 02-20-05 07:03 AM

I hate dynamic rich guys! Speaking as a fellow bald guy, I also can't stand it when my bald brothers have that **** long. Cut it, I say! God obviously didn't mean for you to have a lot of hair! AARGH! I'm sorry, that website IS truly disturbing.

KrisPistofferson 02-20-05 08:55 AM

Man, a window on my PC got left open to this website, and I was drawn back like a moth to a flame! It hurts my brain...

KrisPistofferson 02-20-05 09:11 AM

Man, look, the guy changed his dang name to Bikerfox. That ain't good. I'll shut up now.

Guest 02-20-05 11:55 AM

He's got a Trek just like Lance! Could this be a look into Lance's future with Trek? ;) :D


slvoid 02-20-05 02:45 PM

Thank god his tire's flat so he won't be going anywhere fast...

ch0mb0 02-20-05 06:09 PM

ugh! what a nappy looking bike


kf5nd 02-20-05 06:54 PM

looking at it again... I just love that earring !!!

wabbit 02-22-05 01:41 PM

I think he's married, so at least he won't be seen on

CMcMahon 02-22-05 02:36 PM

I find it hard to believe that some of you people haven't seen this most awesome of bicycling websites prior to this post.

Hopper 02-23-05 05:12 AM

How cool are his front flips. Rock on BikerFox, I salute you :P

Methos 02-23-05 08:45 AM

Hmmm... I might have found a new avatar :p

Mars 02-24-05 03:35 PM

Here is my favorite quote from his site:

"The secret to happiness is telling yourself you are happy, even when you are not."

norton 02-24-05 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by kf5nd

Where's A. Troll when we need her?

norton 02-24-05 04:16 PM

Isn't that Mr. Spock's son?....or was it Dr. Spock?....

SpiderMike 02-24-05 05:40 PM

I am have a relapse of blindness now. Last week I got to work only to find section of the Houston Chronicle on this guy. Guess they just had to do an article about cycling, since the Houston MS150 is coming up. I just hope that it didn't scare anyone away from cycling.

as for creepy.... dude looks like he would be the "scary uncle"

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