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chewybrian 03-27-14 01:32 AM

trsidn 03-27-14 07:27 AM

Shifty 03-27-14 11:34 AM

Little Feat?.....Hell yeah!!

trsidn 03-27-14 12:29 PM

trsidn 03-27-14 12:35 PM

Deal4Fuji 03-27-14 07:38 PM

Clash - Live at the Apollo '78

chewybrian 04-03-14 01:51 AM

chewybrian 04-10-14 10:05 AM

Sights and sounds of a rainy Saturday for a child of the seventies:

Looney tunes, of course...

Land of the lost:

Wide World of Sports:

^from wwos, bigger than Batman, Pete Rose, and Luke Skywalker all put together.:

A little golf...bump to commercial:

The rain stopped; let's play some wiffleball in the street!

trsidn 04-10-14 12:06 PM

trsidn 04-10-14 12:07 PM

trsidn 04-10-14 12:15 PM

Deal4Fuji 04-10-14 09:14 PM

Train Kept a Rollin makes me think of my very 1st concert with Aerosmith headlining, but opening up for them was this crazy guy in a loincloth who could play the hell out of his huge Gibson Birdland guitar and they were incredibly LOUD. We were on the floor 25 ft from the stage and I'm 6'5" so my ears had no protection and rang for a week after the show....Good Times :) This TN & Amboy Dukes oldie has a Ventures instrumental feel to it :

chewybrian 04-17-14 09:19 AM

If "Weird AL" and Bjork had a child together, even that kid would say this is some pretty weird shizzle right here:

trsidn 04-17-14 10:25 AM

I remember it well.

Speakin' of Weird Al, this guy was his guitar player for a long time....


trsidn 04-17-14 11:02 AM

Deal4Fuji 04-17-14 10:30 PM

If you're gonna do Sweet, you gottta go with this

chewybrian 04-24-14 01:53 AM

Zinger 04-24-14 03:46 AM

Here's Kingfish with Bob Weir (also of the Grateful Dead) covering an old Marty Robbins ballad.

Deal4Fuji 04-24-14 07:39 AM

trsidn 04-24-14 07:42 AM

CbadRider 04-24-14 02:04 PM

trsidn 04-24-14 02:45 PM

chewybrian 05-01-14 01:54 AM

Deal4Fuji 05-01-14 07:24 PM

Henry Gross is a man of contradictions, He was born & raised in Brooklyn and the song we know him for (posted here) is called "Southern Band". This song & the album it's off of called "Plug Me Into Something" is way different than his 1 Hit Wonder song called "Shannon" where he rivals any BeeGee in upper octave vocals. It's a song about Brian Wilson's dog of all things :)
We knew him as a good guitar playin' rocker, but Shannon & his later work as a member of Sha Na Na beg to differ. Give this clip 18 seconds for the needle to drop

skidder 05-01-14 07:35 PM

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