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TiBikeGuy 10-09-13 08:23 PM

The Tokens singing their #1 hit - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

TiBikeGuy 10-09-13 08:30 PM

Most people would be more familiar with the version by the group Wet,Wet,Wet, The Troggs sang it back in 1968.

TiBikeGuy 10-09-13 08:35 PM

Herman's Hermits - My Sentimemtal Friend was a hit in 1969.

TiBikeGuy 10-09-13 08:46 PM

Patches by Dickey Lee ... a song that tells the story of teenage lovers of different social classes whose parents forbid their love. The girl drowns herself in the "dirty old river." The singer concludes: "It may not be right, but I'll join you tonight/ Patches I'm coming to you." Because of the teen suicide theme, the song was banned by a number of radio stations. However, it sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc.

DX-MAN 10-09-13 09:25 PM

3alarmer 10-09-13 09:49 PM

3alarmer 10-09-13 09:51 PM

3alarmer 10-09-13 09:52 PM

I-Like-To-Bike 10-09-13 09:53 PM

The next two are newer versions of songs that came out in the 60's

3alarmer 10-09-13 09:55 PM

3alarmer 10-09-13 09:58 PM

I-Like-To-Bike 10-09-13 09:59 PM

3alarmer 10-09-13 10:01 PM

........this was "our song" in 1967.:o

I-Like-To-Bike 10-09-13 10:04 PM

I-Like-To-Bike 10-09-13 10:06 PM

I-Like-To-Bike 10-09-13 10:09 PM

This group was very popular when I was in Hawaii in 1969

3alarmer 10-09-13 10:14 PM

I-Like-To-Bike 10-09-13 10:17 PM

Now for the Real Deal Bo Diddley sound!

I-Like-To-Bike 10-09-13 10:24 PM

And in Living Color:

I-Like-To-Bike 10-09-13 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by 3alarmer (Post 16148072)

........this was "our song" in 1967.:o

And a great song it was, and incredibly, the "B" side of the 45 was even better, A Fork in the Road.

I-Like-To-Bike 10-09-13 10:40 PM

The sixties were the be all and end all of the greatest R&B, Soul and Rock music!

clemsongirl 10-10-13 12:39 AM

Eli and the Thirteenth Confession. The first two are live versions of the song.

and a live version of 'and when I die' from her first album

otg 10-10-13 02:05 AM

Not a clunker in the bunch, nice Laura Nrro stuff, haven't dug out those tunes for a while, time to add them in to the playlist!

skijor 10-10-13 09:08 AM

3alarmer 10-10-13 03:41 PM

......the revenge of threadkiller.

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