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Artkansas 11-13-13 12:14 PM

A little Psychedelia to brighten this hump day.

Beatles - I am the Walrus

The Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow

trsidn 11-13-13 01:27 PM

chewybrian 11-13-13 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by skijor (Post 16243423)

I was just fixin' to throw that up until I looked back a bit--good one.

Wordbiker 11-13-13 09:30 PM

chewybrian 12-04-13 11:12 AM

trsidn 12-04-13 11:54 AM

skijor 12-04-13 12:41 PM

RIP FZ (December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993)

More Cowbell 12-04-13 01:47 PM

Zinger 12-04-13 02:21 PM

skidder 12-05-13 10:48 PM

'A day late' (Thursday) but definately not 'a dollar short':

trsidn 12-06-13 12:59 AM


Originally Posted by skidder (Post 16305572)
'A day late' (Thursday) but definately not 'a dollar short':


I have a record of this done at Carnegie hall.
My wife actually got to see this done live.

Zinger 12-11-13 02:51 AM

First most people got to see of these guys. 19 year old Michael Shrieve on drums. Carlos Santana of course on that Gibson SG.

HardyWeinberg 12-11-13 08:01 AM

chewybrian 01-01-14 02:12 PM

Zinger 01-02-14 01:34 AM

Most of these '60s TV videos were lip synced anyway so I might as well post this one.

Zinger 02-05-14 03:07 AM

One of the best piano players ever. Used to play for Muddy Waters band but I always liked him best on his own. Too bad I can't find his cover of St Louis Blues at the 1960 Newport Jazz Festival up on YouTube anymore. It was the best. Just like my grandma used to play except a whole lot better.

chewybrian 02-05-14 11:26 AM

Dylan song got pulled from youtube, so a different Dylan song, from someone else:

chewybrian 02-12-14 01:38 PM

Another Dylan cover:

chewybrian 02-12-14 03:19 PM

A few more good ones:

chewybrian 02-12-14 03:31 PM

skidder 02-12-14 08:27 PM

When talkin' 60s music yout can't forget the Dave Clark Five. Damn good, catchy music:

rm -rf 02-17-14 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by Artkansas (Post 16151263)

I think everyone has a song that amazed them the first time they heard it. This was it for me.
Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well, Pt. 1.

Yeah, I heard this a lot on the pioneering Detroit FM station, WABX. This was back when FM was mostly easy listening. The DJs would play 15 minute songs, or 5 songs in a row with related titles. Pretty much anything they felt like doing.

They played an eclectic mix:

MC5: Kick out the Jams, "Brothers and Sisters" (the censored radio version)

Dr John: Walk on Gilded Splinters

chewybrian 02-26-14 02:26 AM

Zinger 02-26-14 02:51 AM

ModoVincere 02-26-14 06:41 AM

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